The Next Level: 4 Signs It’s Time to Expand Your Small Business

In the highly competitive world of small business, finding a way to carve out a niche in your industry is vital for success. According to recent studies, economic uncertainty is the main factor that prohibits small businesses from growing.

Business expansion meeting

If you are like most business owners, you have a number of ideas you want to put into practice. When the time comes to grow and expand your business, having a game plan in place is essential.

Generally, you will need to secure a business financing loan to fund this type of growth. Working with an experienced and reputable lender is the only way to ensure the loan you get is the right fit for your particular needs.

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Read below to find out about the signs you will notice that indicate now is the time to expand your company.

1. You Have a Very Loyal Customer Base

The main thing you need to make sure of before trying to grow a business is that your existing customer base is loyal. Failing to consider this factor before investing your time and money into expansion can lead to big problems in the future.

Having a large base of repeat customers is an indication you are doing something right. The ongoing need for the products or services you provide should be all the motivation you need to expand.

2. Clients Are Constantly Asking You to Grow

Do you have a number of out of town customers that are begging you to expand to their area? If so, chances are you need to start plotting out your expansion.

Once you see the need for your business in other areas, you have to act quickly. The last thing you want is for a competitor to catch wind of this need before you have a chance to make a move. Letting the competition move into a market first will generally lead to you playing catch-up for the next few years.

While taking your business into new areas may be a bit intimidating, you need to push through this apprehension and strike while the iron is hot.

3. The Business Have Been Profitable For At Least Three Years

Another indication that it is time to expand your business is a consistent record of profitability. Some business owners make the mistake of expanding shortly after a temporary surge in profits.

Instead of making this decision in haste, you need to weigh a number of different factors beforehand. You need to make sure the profits your company is generating have been consistent for at least three years.

This consistent level of profitability will also serve you well when applying for a small business loan.

Business team

4. A Strong Team is Paramount in Expansion Success

Before making a decision to expand, be sure to take a good look at the team you have assembled. Are they ready to take on the upcoming growth?

If your answer to this question is a resounding yes, then you need to move forward with this expansion. Having a team you can trust makes all of the difference when it comes to successfully moving into other markets.

Attempting to handle all of the work involved in growing a company will put you at a great disadvantage. Learning how to use the strengths of the team of around you can make the expansion process much easier.


Plotting out every aspect of a business expansion can help you avoid mistakes. With an adequate plan in place, taking your business to the next level will be a breeze.


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