How Pets Help to Reduce Stress in The Workplace

A recent study showed that many American workers are stressed out. Most of these people are under too much pressure to perform well in their workplaces. The ordinary American worker also faces financial challenges apart from the increasing professional demands. The employees are also concerned about their job security and long working hours.

Office dog

photo credit: Apunto Group Agencia de publicidad / Pexels

When people are stressed for a long time, their well-being and happiness are compromised. Millions of workers struggle with poor health and burnout because of work-related stress. Both small and big companies are trying to create a healthy working environment for their employees to decrease burnout cases.…

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How a Pet Can Make you More Successful at your Job

Now I have heard it all! Your pet makes you more successful? Seriously?

Yup. And there are a whole bunch of reasons why! Whether you are a work at home entrepreneur or a high-flying corporate type. Your pet can improve your work-life and make you more successful.

Pet helps business success

Happiness Breeds Success

Having a pet isn’t just about all the free cuddles! Being a pet parent can have a beneficial effect on so many aspects of your life! Pet ownership influences our mental, emotional, and professional well-being (learn more here).

  • To be successful, you need to be energetic. No better way to start off your day energetically than by taking Fido for a walk!
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