How a Pet Can Make you More Successful at your Job

Now I have heard it all! Your pet makes you more successful? Seriously?

Yup. And there are a whole bunch of reasons why! Whether you are a work at home entrepreneur or a high-flying corporate type. Your pet can improve your work-life and make you more successful.

Pet helps business success

Happiness Breeds Success

Having a pet isn’t just about all the free cuddles! Being a pet parent can have a beneficial effect on so many aspects of your life! Pet ownership influences our mental, emotional, and professional well-being (learn more here).

  • To be successful, you need to be energetic. No better way to start off your day energetically than by taking Fido for a walk! Owning a dog that needs to go for daily walks will help to build your fitness and improve your energy levels.
  • To reduce risk of stress-related illnesses such as a heart attack it is important to lower your stress levels. Owning a pet is like having your very own in-house shrink! Had a stressful day at work? How do you feel when you open your front door to a tail-wagging, tongue-lolling hound that is SUPER-excited to see you? Pretty good right? Stress just melts away. So, whether you spend time cuddling your kitty. Or playing fetch with Fido, you will feel less stressed and more relaxed in no time at all.
  • Keep that ticker ticking! Dog owners are usually more physically active. This in turn, corresponds to better heart health. Several studies have shown that the simple act of stroking your four-legged friends’ smooth coat will lower stress hormone levels in the body.
  • Pet parents tend to have a more positive outlook on life. Pets can help to prevent depression and help their owners maintain a positive and healthier outlook on life. Nothing like a positive outlook to help you stay focused and nail those deadlines!
  • Being responsible for another living creature can incite us to learn more and earn more. You will want to work harder to be able to afford fun toys and the best food that money can buy. Speaking of responsibility, you should definitely sign up for pet insurance to make sure your furry friend is covered in every situation.
  • Stress comes in many different forms. But it is all harmful. Having a pet around will also help you to feel safer in your home environment. Thus, diminishing the stress of feeling unsafe and lonely.
  • More ZZzzzzzs means more productivity. Whether it is because you are exhausted from an awesome run in the park with your pup. Or because you are so relaxed from cuddling with your kitten on the couch. Your pet can help you to sleep better. A better night’s sleep is good for you on so many levels. Most importantly, it will help you to be more productive the following day!

Office pet

5 Reasons Why Bringing Your Pet to Work with You Makes Life Better

1. Stress Reliever

Having your pet around helps you to relax. Studies have shown that people who have their dogs at work with them have reduced stress hormone levels. Employees who did not have their pets at work with them showed an ever-increasing concentration of stress hormone through the day.

2. Save Money

If you can bring your doggo with you to work, you will save loads of money that you would have spent on doggie day care and/or dog walkers.

3. Improved Social Interactions

A workplace that is pet-friendly can improve employee fulfilment and boost overall morale. It can also foster an atmosphere of good communication and teamwork.

4. Increase Work Performance

Pet parents who can take their pooches with them to work tend to work longer hours and being absent less. No more rushing home to let your pupper out for a potty break!

5. Pets in the Workplace Can Improve the Company Image

For animal lovers, a company that allows pets in the workplace is a great boon. This goes for customers and potential employees alike. A pet-friendly company might make itself more attractive to both customers and top talent!

Childhood pet

C-Suite Execs Credit Childhood Pets with Professional Success

C-Suite executives (individuals who hold positions like CEO or CFO) who grew up with pets say that their pets played an important role in their success. Banfield Pet Hospital did a survey with 857 Americans. 93% of the execs in this study had pets in the home while growing up. Of these, 78 % attributed some of their career success to that fact.

What is it about owning a pet that can make you successful?

1. Pets teach responsibility

Being a pet parent, teaches you about caring for another living being. Your four-legged friend needs to be fed twice a day. They must always have access to fresh water. Their activity requirements need to be met with good walks and/or fun play times. Some dogs also want intellectual stimulation in the form of training and fun games played.

2. Pets teach humility and compassion

There are few beings humbler than a dog. Owning a pet can be so humbling. Their love is so unconditional. Knowing that this creature is dependent on you for their well-being is both humbling and empowering!

3. Pets give you a sense of routine

If your hound is anything like mine, they want their breakfast at the exact same time every morning. And dinner too. Woe betide, you delay a mealtime by 20 or 30 minutes! Dogs also like to have routine with their daily walks. Many pet owners will relate how excitable their pooches become at the slightest indication of an outing at certain times of the day!

If the framework of your day’s routine is guided by mealtimes, walk times etc., it is so much easier to fill in the gaps with routine that is do-able and that makes sense. Pets are good at holding us accountable to a routine.

4. Pets Teach Leadership

As a child, being responsible for a furry friend can help to teach many skills that will later stand you in good stead in the workplace. The pet-owning C-suite execs from the Banfield study credited their childhood pets with teaching them leadership skills, organizational skills, and discipline.

Cat and owner

Pets Can Help You to be More Successful

By relieving debilitating stress and helping you to stay positively focused. By keeping you fit and healthy. By teaching you about time management and compassion. Your beloved four-legged friend can truly help you to be a better you… both at home and in the work place!


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