4 Beginner Photography Tips for Taking Stunning Images

Photography is a hobby that brings pleasure and creativity into your life. Learning to take better pictures isn’t as hard as you think. Implement a few simple photography tips and take your photographs to a new level!


If you are rather new to photography, you might find yourself intimidated. There are hundreds of types of cameras and even more types of lenses. There are camera additions, external flashes, and so much more.

Don’t let these choices overwhelm you. Real photography magic happens behind the lens. Keep reading this guide to master a few beginner photography tips and improve your skills!


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How to Find the Right Kind and Color of Backdrops that Works Well

Photography is not easy. It entails a lot of consideration on the most basic elements while also not leaving out the creative details.

Here are some tips on how to properly do these.

Photography business

How to Choose Fail-Safe Colors for Photography Backdrops

More than flattering the photographs, the color schemes of photography backdrops chosen can have an immense effect on various elements such as the lighting, the frame of the subject. It also influences the overall appeal of the creative direction and theme of the photoshoot project.

While there is a countless number of colors to choose from for a photography backdrop, there are 5 prominent colors that are thought to dominate the color themes category.…

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Top 10 Reasons Why You Will Love Photography As a Hobby and Career in Canada

Canada is a beautiful nation in North America with lots of picture-perfect landscapes waiting to be captured with a camera. The beauty of the country transforms from good into stunning come wintertime. It is one of the reasons why pursuing photography as a hobby and even a career in the country is relaxing and inspiring. You can enjoy your photographs more by printing them through a reputable and reliable metal print photo service in Canada like Canvas n Decor, as doing so will give your picture a professional touch.

Photography career in Canada

Photography will allow you to discover your artistic abilities and add value to your personality.…

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7 Ways to Begin Your Career as a Photographer

If photography is your passion, a lifelong dream, and a hobby, which you would like to monetize, you are on the right page. The business of photography is difficult to penetrate, due to its high competitiveness and inevitable pitfalls, which every beginner is going to face. So how can one make money on this market?


Let’s talk about the ways of making a living as a photographer: the best ways to land the first gig.

1. Take Passport & Visa Photos

This is truly the simplest and fastest way to capitalize on your photography skills. All you need is your equipment and a small studio, that you can organize at home.…

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Building a Career as Photographer: 5 Tips to Make Your Photography Stand Out

With photography being a great love for many people, it can be difficult to make it a successful career, let alone business. These days, practically anyone can take out their smartphone and take a quick shot of the sunrise.

Photography as a career or business

For those who want to make photography their main source of income, there are a few tricks you should learn to make your photography stand out against your competitors. This article will list a few of them.

1. Look For Connection

Before you send your photo to the next photo contest for inspection, you should first determine if there’s a story in your photo.…

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Turn Your Photography Hobby Into a Viable Freelance Business With These Tips

Have you been thinking about turning your photography hobby into a sustainable business? You might be surprised to discover that it’s a fairly simple transition to make. The popularity of the internet and social media has opened up entirely new opportunities for freelancers. So if you want to transition from hobby photographer to freelance photographer, there’s no better time to get started.

Freelance photographer

Leverage Social Media

One of the easiest ways to grow a freelance photography business is to use your favorite social media platforms as a marketing tool. Instagram is the most obvious platform to start with because it revolves around photography.…

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