4 Beginner Photography Tips for Taking Stunning Images

Photography is a hobby that brings pleasure and creativity into your life. Learning to take better pictures isn’t as hard as you think. Implement a few simple photography tips and take your photographs to a new level!


If you are rather new to photography, you might find yourself intimidated. There are hundreds of types of cameras and even more types of lenses. There are camera additions, external flashes, and so much more.

Don’t let these choices overwhelm you. Real photography magic happens behind the lens. Keep reading this guide to master a few beginner photography tips and improve your skills!

1. Master a Subject You Love

Ernest Hemingway once said, “Write the truest sentence that you know.” The same principle applies to photography. Take pictures of things and people you love.

Are you a nature enthusiast? Take your camera outside and capture the beauty around you. Take pictures up close and far away. Shoot in morning dusk and evening twilight.

If you prefer human subjects, ask your friends or loved ones to model for you!

Strike a deal for free photographs in exchange for posing. Most people jump at the chance to score complimentary pictures. This allows you to practice with real people – and get potential clients!

Inanimate objects make some of the best subjects. You can rearrange them, take them to another room, and practice your lighting skills. This takes us to our next tip!

2. Play Around with Lighting

You don’t have to have fancy lighting equipment to take dreamy photos. Natural light is the best light to photograph in and, best of all, it’s free!

The term “golden hour” refers to the few hours after sunrise and the hours before sunset. This light is bright, flattering, and, magical.

If you do have lighting equipment such as box lights or an external flash, use them in different settings. The more you practice the more comfortable and skilled you become in the craft.

3. Get Creative

There are technical parts of photography, but don’t lose sight of the creative aspect. The most stunning photographs happen because the shooter took a chance. They stepped outside of their comfort zone and followed their gut instincts.

Draw inspiration from photographers you admire, but pave your own path. Take yourself on an excursion and go to a local art gallery. Study the different types of mediums, light, and poses.

The best way to develop your own unique style is to try varying methods and styles. Discover what brings you joy!

4. Use Helpful Equipment

Some photography advice suggests you need lots of expensive equipment. We disagree. Invest in a few quality pieces and use them to your advantage.

Tripods, construction time lapse calculators, and reflectors are a few great choices.

Once you know what type of photography you are most passionate about, you can add it to your collection. It’s best to start small and add as your skills grow. As a photographer, your needs change, and so will your equipment.

Helpful Photography Tips Going Forward

There are many photography tips out there, but the basics never falter.

Learn how to use your camera inside and out.

Use different settings along with the tips we discussed in this guide. The better you become, the more you can stray from the beginner’s guides. Never forget practice makes perfect.

Stay away from busy backgrounds when you shoot portraits. Simple is always better when you let the subject speak for itself.

Regardless of if you just started photography or are on your second or third camera, there is always something to learn! Never lose your lust for learning, and enjoy the ride!


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