How to Detect Plagiarism: Tips for Content Marketers and Publishers

Plagiarism is rampant in the online publishing and marketing world. Other issues include copyright infringement which can involve legal action. These issues have several consequences and can ruin your company or brand’s image.

Plagiarism checking

Writers can plagiarize intentionally or unintentionally. In deliberate plagiarism, writers paraphrase or rewrite the same sentences to make it seem like their own. Unintentionally, writers may miss out on referencing the source of their information or research.

Either way, it is not acceptable and companies must enforce policies and take strict action when it comes to plagiarized content.

Given below are a few tips for detecting plagiarism.

Have A Thorough Review Procedure

If you are a publisher or a head editor who is responsible for publishing articles, make sure you have a proper review process for plagiarism.…

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