Warranty Deeds: Things to Know About

Purchase of property can be one of the largest investments made during one’s life, making a warranty deed important in protecting title to that property against claims made against it.

Property purchase

Warranty deeds provide buyers with maximum protection, yet it should be understood that they do not guarantee that the seller possesses clear title to the property in question.

General Warranty Deed

General warranty deeds provide peace of mind for sellers when transferring property free from liens, claims, or any encumbrances that might impede legal ownership transfer. They are widely used in residential real estate transactions.

Legal descriptions provide buyers with essential details of property ownership and transfer, such as its legal description and who transferred and accepted ownership, signature and notary requirements, etc.…

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What Does it Mean When an LLC Owns a House?

Owning property as an individual—or even a group of individuals—has its own advantages. But in certain cases, buying a house under an LLC company becomes more financially viable. Moreover, many property owners choose this method due to certain benefits that only an LLC formation or establishment of a corporation can provide.

LLC property ownership

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If you choose business incorporation as a new method of real estate management, there are plenty of incorporation companies and LLC formation services that offer support for this specific issue. Some of the best LLC services in the industry have developed dedicated teams of legal professionals to help you handle the paperwork concerning real estate, business loans, and more.…

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