Ways to Manage Remote Workers from All Over the World

The future is remote, and the future is now. Today, businesses can make use of cost effective answering services from providers like www.virtualheadquarters.com from their virtual headquarters, with the actual business location can be in a totally different place – e.g. at home.

Remote working

But the trend doesn’t stop there. More and more companies are now shifting to a remote working model or at least some permutation of it. Unthinkable that most of us could do our jobs from home a few years ago, the coronavirus pandemic has kick-started the remote working party. Straight into high gear!

A lot of businesses were skeptical of this seismic shift in conducting business.…

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Management Tips For a Staff That Works Remotely

In this digital era with the internet making communication and productivity so much easier, it is becoming more and more common for entire staffs to all live in different locations working remotely.

Remote employee

Telecommuting is something that is made possible not only to one specific type of career or only a few. Recent research shows that over half of Americans have a job that has potential to be done remotely.

While the convenience of working from home and running a business or working for a business in your pajamas is undeniable, it does have its challenges. Having your employees spread out instead of all together under the same roof can be a bit like herding cats.…

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