Management Tips For a Staff That Works Remotely

In this digital era with the internet making communication and productivity so much easier, it is becoming more and more common for entire staffs to all live in different locations working remotely.

Remote employee

Telecommuting is something that is made possible not only to one specific type of career or only a few. Recent research shows that over half of Americans have a job that has potential to be done remotely.

While the convenience of working from home and running a business or working for a business in your pajamas is undeniable, it does have its challenges. Having your employees spread out instead of all together under the same roof can be a bit like herding cats. You have a lot of time zones, lifestyles, and schedules to juggle. Therefore, in order to keep communication and productivity at its best, follow these tips.

Use Video Conference

Video conference applications and programs make it easier than ever to be able to talk face to face with your employees. While email and phone calls can be great for transferring basic information, sometimes it is most effective to look at your employees face to face by video conferencing for a more human approach.

Studies show that more video conferences between remotely working employees boosted team morale, productivity, and created happier employees. The nice thing about video conferencing is that you can work and talk at the same time.

Try introducing a weekly video meeting and if they seem to be making an improvement on the team, then, by all means, keep it going.

Email Regularly

Staying in communication with each other can be a great way to make sure that everything is getting done and everyone is on the same page.

Don’t be shy about checking in frequently and asking how everyone is doing and how they feel about their workload.

Use Instant Messaging

Sometimes a task or question comes up that needs to be handled faster than an email. Instant messaging or texting is a very efficient way to transfer data and information immediately.

There are many services to choose from. Try one that your entire team agrees on and make sure you are all logged in to ensure you get the fastest response possible from each other.

Build Relationships With Your Employees

Building a rapport with your employees doesn’t mean you should feel forced to ask highly personal questions or ask them to go for a beer. It can be as simple as making small talk and being a human with each other.

If your employees feel as if they are nothing but a number their inspiration can start to drag and they don’t feel valued.


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