7 Awesome Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

Do you want more Instagram followers –silly question, of course you do. More Instagram followers mean more exposure for your blog, site or business and more eyes on your business mean more publicity for you. So, follow these tips below to see how to grow your following.

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Tell People About Your Instagram Account

If you have a large following on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or have a blog, tell people to follow you on Instagram for more content. Don’t hesitate to tweet a link to your Instagram account or to add a link to your Instagram in your blog or YouTube channel description.

Use Calls To Action

Internet users will be more likely to perform an action if you ask them to. Don’t expect people to like one of your social media updates or to follow you on Instagram if you do not encourage them to do so. Encourage people to like and share your status when you post something new, encourage them to tag their friends or to perform another relevant action.

Use Geolocation For Your Photos

Use geotagging to make your content easier to find. You can use this feature when visiting a landmark or having brunch at a cool new restaurant. People will find your account when they look for content related to the location you visited. You will gain more followers who are familiar with the places you visit or who are interested in a specific type of restaurants or other businesses.

Create The Content Your Audience Wants To See

Go over the photos and posts you have shared in the past to see which ones were more popular. Pay attention to the posts that did not get a lot of comments and likes. This should give you a good idea of the kind of content your audience is interested in and which posts get overlooked.

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Share Links To Your Instagram Account

You can help people find your Instagram account and encourage them to follow you by simply sharing a link to your account. You can do this on your official site, your email signature and on the different social media networks you use.

Reach Out To Popular Instagram Users

Reach out to other Instagram users who have a similar niche. Ask them to mention you in one of their posts, work on a project together or see if they would be interested in letting you create content for them. This could lead to some fun collaborations that will put you on the radar of the users who follow the people you interact with on Instagram. http://www.like4like.com could make this process a lot easier and smoother.

Use Contests

As long as you have something of value to offer, an Instagram contest is a terrific way to attract attention. You could ask users to repost a specific image and notify you via hashtag. Or simply offer a reward for using your hashtag. If you’re prepared for a collaborative effort, you could even get involved in a loop giveaway.


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