The Anatomy Of Startups

The Anatomy Of Startups

So you’ve just graduated from a reputable university and already wasted the whole summer celebrating. Now, you have this great idea for a product and sitting in an office is not an option for you.

With start-ups being all the rage right now, why not start your own company? After all, Zuckerberg made it with Facebook. We’ll, here’s a preview of what needs to be done and how not to fail.

Idea and Product

Ideas often come to people in strangest places and strangest times. You might be commuting when you suddenly thought of the next Facebook or taking a bath when an idea of a resort came to you.…

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Top 3 Reasons Entrepreneurs Shouldn’t Do It All

outsourcing business tasksEntrepreneurs are the first ones with the great idea and, more importantly, the first ones to bring it to life. You do more in an hour than 20 people can do in one day.

But how long can that last? Entrepreneurs have a tendency to fall into the “I have to do it all” trap. No one gets the vision as much as you do and no one can possibly do your work as well as you.

In falling into this trap you create a bottleneck. There are limited hours in the day so do you update the database, make those new business calls, work on that report, meet with your product vendor, confirm meetings”¦

If you are like me you probably answered, “Yes, I do it all and stay up late to get it done.”…

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6 Tips For Buying An Existing Business

tips for buying an existing businessBuying an existing business is a good option because it saves the buyer from hard work establishing a new business and promoting it. Buying an operating business is always considered a way of less risk because it brings a lot of current customers with itself.

So if you are planning to buy a business because of its advantages, then this article is for you. In this article I will discuss some basic things each buyer should think about before making a final decision to buy or not.

1. Assess Your Skills – You should be completely aware of your skills. You should be ready to handle the responsibilities which come with a business.…

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