10 Unusual Restaurant Marketing Strategies for The Win

In the cutthroat world of the restaurant industry, standing out from the crowd is essential for success. While traditional marketing strategies are undoubtedly effective, it’s often the unconventional approaches that leave a lasting impression on customers.

Eating pizza

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In this article, we’ll delve into 10 unusual restaurant marketing strategies that can set your establishment apart and ultimately lead to a boost in your bottom line.

1. Pop-Up Dining Experiences

Consider hosting unique pop-up dining events at your restaurant. Partner with local chefs, food influencers, or even artists to create limited-time menus or experiences that customers can’t find anywhere else.…

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How Restaurant Owners Thrive in a Competitive Landscape

In the dynamic world of the culinary industry, restaurant owners are constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out in a competitive market. This drive for innovation is not just about staying afloat but about creating a unique dining experience that resonates with customers.

Restaurant owners

Here are some key strategies that restaurant entrepreneurs are adopting to ensure their businesses not only survive but thrive.

Embracing Technology for Enhanced Customer Experience

In an era where technology is king, savvy restaurant owners are integrating tech solutions to enhance the dining experience. This includes implementing online reservation systems, advanced ordering platforms such as POS systems, digital boards, and even integrating music streaming for restaurants to enhance the ambiance.…

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Guidelines For Menu Design That Will Increase Sales in Your Restaurant

Designing the perfect menu is a critical aspect of running any successful restaurant. To be successful, restaurant owners must have a deep understanding of their target audience and the psychology of food ordering. A visually appealing, easy-to-read, and properly organized menu can inspire guests to order more items and boost overall revenue.

Restaurant menu design

Guidelines for menu design have been researched and tested by various sources, including Owner.com reviews generation. In this blog post, we will explore the guidelines for menu design that will increase sales in your restaurant.

1. Choose The Right Colors And Fonts

Choosing the right colors and fonts can significantly impact your guests’ emotions and decision-making process.…

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Advantages of Investing in Booths for your Restaurant

Owning and managing a restaurant is a dream for many people. When you are looking to open or improve a restaurant, there are many important factors to consider that can have an impact on your overall success. One important factor to consider is the type of seating that you will make available. For many restaurants, investing in restaurant booths is a good idea.

Guests sitting on a restaurant booth

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There are various reasons why booths can be an ideal seating option to include in your restaurant.

Fit More People into Space

One of the advantages of restaurant booths today is that they can help you fit more people into your space.…

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How To Choose The Right Restaurant Tables

Choosing adaptable furniture for a restaurant’s interior design and layout will allow you to fulfill the different needs of your guests, which will save you time and money in the long run. From the selection of styles to the selection of materials and sizes from among a plethora of options, every piece should be perfectly suited to the design, function, and layout of the space.

Restaurant tables

When it comes to purchasing commercial restaurant tables and chairs for a company, the process is very different from when purchasing domestic furniture. In order to resist the rigorous usage and demands of a bustling restaurant, commercial-grade furniture should be chosen from the beginning to get the greatest results.…

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Expanding Your Restaurant Business: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

You’re turning out the best food you’ve ever made. You have diners lining up to compliment you on your flavours, professionalism and turnaround. And the Google reviews are in: your business is a certifiable local hit.

Restaurant business owner

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Where do you go from here? If you’re like most enterprising restaurant owners in this country, your thoughts turn to expansion. How can you get your locally-loved product into hungry mouths in other neighbourhoods, other cities, perhaps even other countries?

Expansion takes planning and consideration. Expand in the wrong way – or too quickly – and you could risk over-extending.…

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How to Boost Your Restaurant Revenue with a POS with Online Ordering

Consumer habits around online ordering of restaurant and café food have been changing over the years. Revenue from online platform ordering to consumer delivery has been on the increase since 2017 and with Australian customers continuing the trend, businesses can boost their revenue by using the right restaurant online ordering system.

Online food ordering system

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Process simplification

Freeing up staff to prepare, pack and get food ready for delivery or collection means maximising the use of their time and increases the throughput of orders. In order to do that you have to simplify your systems. Key to this is an online order POS that integrates seamlessly with your current payment and in-house ordering system.…

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Modern Restaurant and Bar Trends That Are Attracting Patrons

With the emergence of food delivery apps, restaurants and bars everywhere have been experiencing a significant decrease in physical patronage. This is not a major concern for your locality’s more established businesses, but for many smaller businesses who are still looking to carve a niche for themselves, it can be tricky knowing how to attract a crowd.

Restaurant setting

Here are a few ways small business owners can reclaim control and effortlessly up their venue’s foot traffic.

1. Your POS system and you

When given a choice between ‘Cash Only’ and ‘Cashless’, the correct answer should always be neither. You want to make sure that your point of sale system (or POS) is able to take payments from absolutely all potential customers.…

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Small Business Advice: Keeping Your Restaurant or Cafe Competitive

Whenever anyone tries to start a small business, it’s an uphill battle. But particularly when it comes to trying to start up a restaurant or café, there is even more competition that you have to work against. That’s why it’s important to gather and follow as much small-business advice as you can.

Busy restaurant

Specifically when it comes to cafés, restaurants, or eateries, be sure that as a small business owner you buy good cookware and dishes, work to establish a theme, make your food purchases as efficient as possible, and do in-depth research about your competition.

Following all of that advice will take you to the next level of ownership.…

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5 Accounting Tips for New Restaurant Owners

One thing’s for sure: you’re getting into the restaurant business because you love it. For many people just like you, opening a restaurant the ultimate dream — combining a love of food, hospitality, people and entrepreneurship. It will be a lot of work but it will be worth it.


But while passion is the glue that will hold it all together, we’ve already mentioned the most important ingredient: hard work. It’s not just about choosing great staff or even about coming up with a great restaurant business plan (though of course, both help) — opening a restaurant also requires fantastic accounting.…

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