How to Boost Your Restaurant Revenue with a POS with Online Ordering

Consumer habits around online ordering of restaurant and café food have been changing over the years. Revenue from online platform ordering to consumer delivery has been on the increase since 2017 and with Australian customers continuing the trend, businesses can boost their revenue by using the right restaurant online ordering system.

Online food ordering system

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Process simplification

Freeing up staff to prepare, pack and get food ready for delivery or collection means maximising the use of their time and increases the throughput of orders. In order to do that you have to simplify your systems. Key to this is an online order POS that integrates seamlessly with your current payment and in-house ordering system. This means staff are not having to switch from one application to another, logging in and out of payment and order points.

Kitchen staff receive orders automatically once your POS system has approved the customer order, but this is sent in real-time to the kitchen display screen. To the consumer, it is very simple and easy to place their orders on your online ordering website via their mobile devices; just a few clicks and they can be assured their order is paid for and confirmed. Plus, you are basically allowing them to pick and choose their ideal meal without being time pressured by busy staff, saving everyone time and therefore, money.

Reduction in labour costs

Staff salary is always the most expensive part of any business so in order to boost revenue, you have to ensure you are operating an efficient and effective labour force. Investing in an online ordering system that can grow and develop with your business means that as new applications come on line, staff are familiar with the system.

Training and updates do not take long which reduces staff downtime, and orders are dealt with by your software system, so your serving team are not constantly on the phone taking down orders. All of the payment and ordering occurs remotely, which means less staff required therefore, cutting back on the wages bill.

Reduction in shrinkage

Restaurant profit margins are reduced by shrinkage or loss, due to damaged or spoiled food, incorrect orders, theft or incorrect payment handling. All of these errors chip away at the narrow margin of profit and every business owner works hard to reduce their shrinkage figure.

However, with consumers using your online order POS, you are able to increase their ordering accuracy (no misheard or incorrect orders over the phone, for example). They can confirm what has been ordered and as they are paying online, there is no problems with payment inaccuracies. Staff are not handling payments, which also reduces the margin for error or the opportune thief. Kitchen staff get the order in real-time and delivery times are specified so food is cooked and ready at the right time, so spoiled or incorrect orders are unlikely.

Point of Sales (POS) trends

Increase in the average cart value and upselling

This is where technology really does play a part in boosting revenue because your POS online ordering system allows your customers to choose and review their orders. You can use the software to offer additional side order or dishes that complement the main order, as well as upload digital photographs of meals and dishes to encourage upselling.

The POS system will also allow you to store order data about the customer so that the next time they place an order, the system will recommend a specific dish tailored to their preference. Consumers feel valued and part of your brand if your online ordering system prompts them with their favourite dish, for example.

Linking their data with your social media account also allows you to send out special offers for birthdays, thereby increasing return traffic to your online site and your business.

Track orders and inventory in real time

Cutting back on over-ordering of inventory which in the restaurant trade, often has a very short shelf life and seeing exactly what consumers are ordering at a glance, is excellent for reducing wastage in the kitchen.

You can monitor trends on certain dishes which will allow to reorder appropriately. Or you can see if a dish is not being selected, means you can remove it from the menu and start again without holding too many ingredients in the storeroom.

Adapting quickly to the consumer mood means your money is not tied up in products that you cannot sell.

Return business

If you are able to offer a customer loyalty scheme and integrated rewards programme through your online ordering system, consumers then have an incentive to come back to your restaurant rather than your competitors. This makes all the difference in boosting revenue and customers are more likely to recommend your business over others.

In order to boost income, you have to start with the right online ordering POS system, so contact the experts and start maximising your restaurant revenue.


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