How Safe Is Your Car-Sharing Ride?

Car-sharing ride services such as Uber & Lyft have become an affordable and feasible way to commute for Americans. Many people avoid public transit and prefer to take an Uber or a Lyft ride.

Uber and Lyft driver

Although ride-hailing services are convenient, an increasing number of Uber & Lyft accidents have become a cause of worry. However, these accidents are complicated and finding out who was at fault while using a ridesharing service can be a little more difficult than in a traditional car crash.

If you are injured while using Uber or Lyft in the Atlanta area, you should immediately contact a qualified Atlanta Uber & Lyft accident attorney.…

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Uber: The Ultimate Business Model for The 21st Century

In a very short number of years, Uber has revolutionised the traditional taxi business industry throughout the world. Simply put, it has enabled millions of people to press a few buttons on their smartphone and have a cab driver pick them up from their current location in the shortest space of time.

Uber driver as a business owner

The company is one of few in the technology industry to be valued at more than $70 billion, it operates in more than 630 cities worldwide.

This article will look to provide a brief explanation of the company’s business model. Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, and is based in San Francisco, California, United States.…

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How to Treat Driving for Uber Like a Business

Is driving for Uber a small business? It can be. You might not have employees, but you still have overhead, clients and a service to sell – your driving. The vast majority of drivers will operate as a sole proprietorship, but there are a few rideshare drivers that will incorporate or form an LLC.

Uber driver as a business owner

Even if you’re not one of those few drivers that choose to incorporate, you can still treat driving for Uber like a business.

These concepts can be used in many small businesses.

Run Your Operation Like a Business

A lot of one-person businesses operate as a sole proprietorship.…

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