Seasonal Shopping Dates Your Company Won’t Want to Miss

As a business owner, gathering interest in your products and maintaining that momentum throughout the year isn’t always easy. It requires a large amount of dedication and perseverance to get customers clicking through to your website and making those all-important purchases.

Making online purchases

One of the most successful sales strategies which can keep your orders piling in throughout the year is by planning out seasonal shopping dates and creating sales and specific advertising around them. This is something all businesses can do, no matter what they sell.

Remember, keeping all your marketing material in one easy to access place will make advertising your business throughout the year much easier.…

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How Seasonal Shopping Events have Changed Loyalty Programs

Shopping has changed almost beyond recognition over the last few decades. Increasingly, shoppers don’t jump in the car to get those must-have Christmas presents; they instead open up a browser window. And this trend has only been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Seasonal shopping

Our changing shopping habits have been accompanied by changes in the way that loyalty programs are structured. The digital world provides plenty of tools for retailers looking to secure repeat custom. Customer data can be gathered and analysed with greater precision than ever before.

The history of Loyalty

The loyalty program is often thought of as a modern innovation.…

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