Seasonal Shopping Dates Your Company Won’t Want to Miss

As a business owner, gathering interest in your products and maintaining that momentum throughout the year isn’t always easy. It requires a large amount of dedication and perseverance to get customers clicking through to your website and making those all-important purchases.

Making online purchases

One of the most successful sales strategies which can keep your orders piling in throughout the year is by planning out seasonal shopping dates and creating sales and specific advertising around them. This is something all businesses can do, no matter what they sell.

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Here we’ll take a look at some seasonal shopping dates that your business won’t want to miss.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that once the Christmas period is over, people don’t want to spend. January is the perfect time for consumers to pick up a bargain which means you’ve got the perfect opportunity to get rid of all that old stock and get ready for your next year of trading. Don’t forget about other dates in your calendar, such as “Blue Monday” where you can promote a sale or particular product that will “cheer up” your customers on the most depressing day of the year.


February is all about Valentine’s day and not everyone is looking for cheap deals on bunches of flowers or chocolates. Whatever industry you’re in, you can use the month to build up all your special promotions and savings.

St. Patrick's Day


March brings Spring, which means all things new and shiny. The perfect time to promote a new product. You’ve got Mother’s Day and international women’s day in the calendar too. Other celebrations such as St Patricks Day are great for promoting your brand and products.


April often means Easter celebrations, and you’ve got a whole month of various deals and promotions to push – consider Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

May – June

With May and June comes the start of the wedding season so it’s a prime time to start pushing those products that newlyweds, guests and other parties might be interested in. From clothing and accessories to travel and accommodation – whatever you’re selling the wedding season could prove to be lucrative.

Couple looking for wedding rings


Summer is here, so many companies experience a bit of a lull in spending online. However, some carefully planned summer deals and savings could see customers coming back, especially as summer draws to a close.


Back to school is an important date, even if you don’t specifically sell items that are aimed at children. Something to treat the parents with after all their hard work after the summer break usually goes down well with online audiences.


Halloween deals are aplenty during October, and as Halloween is celebrated at the end of the month, you have at least 30 days to get your customers excited about your latest deals and products.

Seasonal marketing in Christmas

November – December

From November onwards it’s all things Christmas, and don’t forget to treat your customers to some Black Friday deals and last minute offers!


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