What are The Benefits of Implementing Six Sigma and Kaizen Strategies in your Business?

Running your own small business is a rewarding experience that involves careful monitoring of the company’s overall status. Many small business CEOs seek ways to streamline their operations because being efficient has a direct impact on how much revenue they make and how profitable their company is.

Business improvement strategic meeting

Two similar yet distinct strategies for business improvement are Six Sigma and Kaizen. Many small business CEOs have heard of these approaches, but not everyone understands what they entail. The business world is full of important terms to know and key concepts to dive into, and it can be difficult to stay on top of all of them.…

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Who Should Use Six Sigma?

Every business owner wants greater efficiency. With Six Sigma, business owners can streamline business procedures to improve outcomes and reduce operational errors. Six Sigma has gained significant popularity over the past few decades and has even been used by the United States government.

Six Sigma

image credit: Six Sigma Institute / CIO Wiki

The methodology can be applied to a wide variety of industries and is often considered a business initiative that improves quality and lowers costs.

Let’s look at some of the benefits you can reap when you use Six Sigma with your organization.

Customer Retention

6 Sigma has been used by people in the banking world to streamline customer banking services and optimize business processes that were causing customer dissatisfaction and lost accounts.…

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