Should You Choose a Hardphone or Softphone for Your Business Phone Service?

If you’ve decided to choose Ooma business phone service, the hard work is done. You have an excellent business phone service provider, and one less thing to worry about. However, the decisions don’t stop with choosing a service provider. There are more choices to be made, including choosing between a hardphone and a softphone.


What is a Hardphone?

hardphone resembles a traditional landline phone. They are often referred to as desk phones. Usually, the phone plugs into the wall and is connected to your internet service instead of a traditional phone line. They offer the familiarity of a traditional phone and provide an easy way to connect when you are seated at your desk.…

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Desk Phones Vs. Softphones – Which one is better?

Desk phones are going out of trend. In fact, most of the decision makers have already migrated to soft and VoIP phones according to recent Frost & Sullivan survey.

An Executive using VoIP

Softphones are more interactive, responsive and offer better productivity. It is hardly surprising why many firms in first world nations have switched to softphones and left PBX-based phone behind.

So what should you pick?

Here are some of points to consider before you make a decision.

Upfront Costs

A mid-grade, voice only desk phone costs nearly $100. Add video calling and other perks and the cost goes well beyond a hundred bucks.…

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