Should You Choose a Hardphone or Softphone for Your Business Phone Service?

If you’ve decided to choose Ooma business phone service, the hard work is done. You have an excellent business phone service provider, and one less thing to worry about. However, the decisions don’t stop with choosing a service provider. There are more choices to be made, including choosing between a hardphone and a softphone.


What is a Hardphone?

hardphone resembles a traditional landline phone. They are often referred to as desk phones. Usually, the phone plugs into the wall and is connected to your internet service instead of a traditional phone line. They offer the familiarity of a traditional phone and provide an easy way to connect when you are seated at your desk.

They have a receiver and a base like a traditional landline. They offer call waiting and caller ID. Many models have a display screen built into the base and some feature a touchscreen. They also have physical buttons like a traditional phone. Inside, a hardphone functions like a computer or a smartphone. It can offer many or all of the same features a softphone does in a familiar format. Many models provide video calling via the screen in the base as well.

The familiarity of the device is one of its best features. It offers more features than a traditional desk phone, but the basic operation of the phone is already well understood. This makes learning how to use a hardphone simple.


What is a Softphone?

softphone is a software that allows you to make calls. It works with any internet-connected device, including a computer, tablet, or smartphone. Unlike a hardphone, a softphone is accessible anywhere as long as you have the software and a smart device. They provide a phone interface on your device, complete with a directory and dial pad.

You can choose to use your device’s speaker and microphone, but many companies find it helpful to use a headset. Just connect the headset to your device, and you can make and receive calls directly from your device.

Other features of a softphone include video calling and conferencing and visual voicemail. They offer chat and SMS messaging as well. You’ll also find all the features you are accustomed to, including hold, call waiting, and call forwarding. The biggest advantage of a softphone is its flexibility. It allows you to stay connected no matter where you are.

Utilizing Hardphones and Softphones in Your Business

Both types of phones have their benefits, and some businesses find it beneficial to use both options. Some service providers for business phone service allow you to choose to use hardphones, softphones, or both.


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