Does Weather Affect the Solar Panels on Your Roof?

Close your eyes and picture the platonic ideal of a sunny spring day. Are you smiling?

Not only does stunning weather have the power to energize your body, but it can also save you thousands of dollars by powering your home. The solar power from one lovely, sunshine-filled day produces enough energy to power the entire earth for nearly two years!

Solar panel roof

But what happens to the solar panels on your roof on a cloudy, rainy day? Does temperature have an impact on power production? Can a storm make your sustainable power solution less efficient?

There is a link between solar panel performance and weather—but it isn’t always intuitive.…

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Top Common Mistakes When Buying Solar Panels for Home Use

The cost of solar panels has fallen sharply in recent years. According to climate change data, the cost of PV systems fell a whopping 80% between 2010 and 2019. This has made them a more attractive option for homeowners looking to reduce their energy bills.

Solar panel installation

Additionally, tech like solar battery system makes it easy to store power and use it when you need it, resulting in even more savings. The ability to minimize the quantity of electricity drawn from the power grid is one of the benefits of solar energy storage.

Unfortunately, the growing popularity and obvious benefits of solar power mean that more and more people are making mistakes when buying solar.…

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5 Tips That Will Help You Choose a Solar Installer Near Me

Over 2 million homes across the US already have residential solar panel systems installed. By 2024, about 2.5% of all homes in the US could have systems. If you’re searching for a solar installer near me, make sure you hire the best.

Solar installer

The best solar installation company will ensure your panels are properly installed. Then, you can enjoy the benefits of going solar long-term.

Read on to discover how to find the best solar installer company in town today!

1. Contact Friends

Look around the neighborhood. Do any of the houses in town have a solar panel system installed? Do you know any friends or family members who hired a solar installer in the past?…

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Why It’s Worth Having a Commercial Solar Panel Installation for Your Business

The advantages of solar energy may be apparent to many, and you may already have a good idea of what it can do for your business property. But if you are thinking of delving into solar energy but still have questions regarding its effectiveness, what you should know is that more business owners today are opting for this renewable energy source – and they haven’t regretted it one bit.

Commercial solar panel

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The fact is, solar energy (and renewable energy sources in general) are already taking over fossil fuels as a source of energy, and solar power is the most productive and abundant energy source out there.…

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