How Young People in College Can Set Up Successful Businesses

Youngsters in college have the world at their feet, and this doesn’t just apply to their studies, there’s no reason why aspirational college students today can’t sow the seeds for creating a successful business whilst still at college. It all comes down to how you manage your time, the people you have around you, and of course just how ambitious and hard-working you truly are!

College students starting a business

Here are a few helpful tips on how college students can turn themselves into entrepreneurs and founders of profitable businesses. 

Do your Market Research

Setting up a profit-making business while still in college involves a great deal of multitasking and efficient time management.…

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How Does a Student Open Their First Business?

Starting your own business can seem scary. However, the internet is full of stories about students who founded a start-up or business while they were in college and were successful. Many of them gave up college and continued to work on making their company the best one out there. But you do not have to give up school to be successful or create a business.

Turn ideas into reality

photo credit: Unsplash

We live in a society that highlights successful stories. Everyone has heard about Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, and its story of creating this amazing platform. And this is not a single story people have heard.…

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Top Tips for Starting a Small Business as a College Student

Some of the top global brands like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft were started by students while still in college. Many other students are following the same footsteps, setting the foundation for very profitable businesses while they still pursue their academic goals. The big question is, how do they manage their time when pursuing both?

Student entrepreneur

photo credit: Christina Morillo / Pexels

Some of these young founders hire fellow students.  Some of them chose to outsource things – not only business operations, but also academic projects and tasks. There are professional services  that answer the question “Who will write my coursework, so that I can create more time to set up my businesses without interfering with college grades.”…

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