How Small Business CEOs Can Foster Effective Team Communication

Effective team communication is one of the most important skills that any small business CEO must have. In the current business environment, there are dozens of innovative ways to better communicate with your staff.

Business team communication

When you communicate with workers, it is fundamental to convey information in a clear, direct, and effective manner. This way, you can build trust, easily resolve problem, and promote team building. Effective team communication often leads to improved engagement, bolstered employee morale, a better sense of clarity and direction.

There are several practical business communication strategies you can begin using today. Read on to learn about how small business CEOs can foster effective team communication.…

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Why (And How) Team Communication Leads to Improved Customer Experience

There’s more to attracting and retaining customers than just having great products and a stand-out brand. Customer experience plays an important role in whether consumers decide to make a purchase or come back to your business again. In fact, American Express reports that 17 percent of Americans will spend more money because of a positive customer experience, but more than half of shoppers have scrapped a planned purchase as a result of subpar service.

Team communication

The easiest way to improve your customer experience is to focus on your team communication—both in how employees interact with your customers, but also in how they communicate with themselves and between departments.…

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