How to Go on Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

In 2018, a record 768 million vacation days were left unused by the American workforce. Do you use all of your vacation days each year? What is the culture like at your company for taking vacations or days off? Where would you go if you took a week off of work? Vacation time is a benefit at most companies, so planning a vacation and using your days should be a priority for you as an employee.

Vacation budget

Vacations allow you to step away from work and enjoy a mental break in a new place. Keep reading to learn about how you can go on vacation without breaking the bank.…

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Want to Empower Employees? Take a Vacation

As a small business executive, you’re working harder than ever to compete with larger organizations, keep your margins high, and maximize your productivity. With more than 50 percent of the working population employed by small businesses, it’s no wonder you’re working so hard.

Employee on vacation

Countless studies, common sense, and your mother agree that taking a well-deserved vacation isn’t just a luxury — it’s a necessity for your health and well-being. Do we really need to tell you this?

Despite the importance of breaks, many small business executives feel that taking a pass on time off is a matter of necessity. Office Depot conducted a survey last summer that revealed that not even two-thirds of small business owners were planning to take a vacation.…

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