Three Tried-and-Tested Ways to Improve your Web Scraping Success Rate

Data has become the core of every business strategy and market research. Everything ranging from a startup to a Fortune 500 company requires data to develop their campaigns and other critical business decisions.

Web scraping activities

The internet has more data than you can imagine, and it can get tough to find relevant information from the noise. You have to analyze and access vast amounts of data to find so. It is like searching for a needle from a haystack. To avoid the effort of going through hundreds of web pages manually, you can use web scraping. Web scraping is a method of extracting data in bulk from various digital platforms.…

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Scraping for E-Commerce: Why Rotating Proxies Are a Must

E-commerce websites are a hub of information, info about pricing, available products, and the stock that a retailer has, etc. To competing vendors, this information is vital. Thus, web scraping tools exist.

Web scraping

But e-commerce websites, having also recognized the importance of data stored in their servers, have come up with anti-scraping tools to thwart the extraction of data from their websites. The detection techniques constitute the main challenges of web scraping.

Challenges of Web Scraping

Anti-Scraping Tools

The anti-scraping tools work by detecting any IP address that makes multiple web requests. Since scraping mainly entails making numerous requests to obtain the requisite data, then the anti-scraping tools automatically flag the IP address behind this.…

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The Merits of Mining: 6 Business Benefits of Utilising Web Scraping

Web scraping is an important tool to find and utilize relevant data and information as part of a business’ market research strategy. Web scraping has proven to be a beneficial process throughout various business components including market research, lead generation, search engine optimization, online presence and financial strategy.

Web scraping

If your business seeks to partner with an ethical web scraper or is considering the process, read on to see the six key benefits that web scraping can provide for your business.

1. Data Extraction

Data extraction plays a key role in providing relevant information for business use. Using predictive analytics, a web scraper will collect relevant information from public sites and will identify which users a business should send their marketing material to.…

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