Build Your Brand On A Budget

So, you have a small business and you’re trying to build your brand from the ground up.   What  steps can you take to  establish your own well known brand with limited funds? has published a list of 11 ideas and resources for building your brand.  

The article mentions  reputation as  one of the ways to  strenghthen your brand.   Reputation is one of those things that can  make or break your business.   At the beginning of your journey, it  is so important to keep an untarnished reputation in order to grow your company.   It’s impossible to ask consumers to  put faith in your unfamiliar brand when you have a less than perfect  track record.

If you would like to learn more on this subject, read the blog article “Brand Building Tips (On  A Budget)“.  


6 Comments Build Your Brand On A Budget

  1. Don

    There are some good tips listed in the article. #2 struck me as most important. Keeping your brand looking the most professional as possible and that includes your business blog or website. People sometimes treat a website as less important, but to me it says a lot about your business practices. If a site is not updated regularly or is messy with broken links, I can’t take the company seriously.

  2. Bianca Aquino

    Indeed, SEO is important for our business.

    SEO will allow us to target more visitors to our business who are more likely to buy and in turn help to improve our profits. SEO is highly recommended if we want to make our business popular, thus here comes the branding in a less expensive manner.


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