Having A Personal Emergency Plan For Your Business

emergency.jpgWe all know that when things just start to go smoothly, it usually doesn’t last very  long.   Personal emergencies with yourself or family members can pop up out of nowhere.   Given the choice, of course you have to tend to the crisis first.   But where does that leave your business?   Who will take over where you leave off?   What happens if you can’t attend to your small business for days on end?

Bonnie Price, a contributor to WomenEntrepreneur.com, suggests keeping an up to date binder with all of your small business’ critical information.   Bonnie provides a helpful list, of information your binder should contain, in  her article “Keep Your Business Humming Amid A Personal Crisis“.   Nobody likes to think that an emergency will happen.    By putting together your own  business binder, you will set your mind at ease knowing you have it just in case.



6 Comments Having A Personal Emergency Plan For Your Business

  1. Don

    So true. Being caught “with your pants down” is a terrible feeling. Why add unnecessary stress by not having an emergency plan. Just knowing that a plan is in place gives everyone peace of mind. That way, when a family issue arrises you can focus all of your energy & attention to that issue.

  2. Mary Grace Ignacio

    Absolutely! No one would ever want emergencies to happen but they are inevitable.

    However, we can avoid this scenario aside from that ‘binder’ technique.

    It would be much better if our business is not one of the many types of a “One Man Show” business. Aside from the necessary documentation to prepare, someone skilled and knowledgeable enough can be assigned to specific task that we are supposed to do. By then, every happening on the business is accounted to you or your staff. What do you think?

  3. Chris

    Emergencies, unfortunately, are a part of life. Be it a medical emergency or otherwise, fact is – it happens and being prepared is always wise. It may even save the business if a lengthy absence ends up being the result.

  4. Rose Anderson

    Planning for contingency matter is very important and we must bear that in mind. The road to this journey, not necessarily to be pure business, is not perfect! There are a lot of bumps along the road. We have to be prepared for it.


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