5 Biggest Website Mistakes for Small Businesses And How to Fix Them

5 biggest website mistakes and how to fix themYour website is the front door to your business. It’s imperative potential clients and customers  know where to find you, and once there, have a clear idea what your company does and how it can benefit them.

Implement these simple, inexpensive tips to ensure your website is achieving those goals.

1. Not claiming your Google Place Page

Look up your business in Google Maps and click on your business listing (or “Place Page”). Your business name will be on the left and a map on the right.  In between, at the top of the page, is a link that reads either “Business Owner?” or “Owner verified listing.”

If it reads “Business Owner?” click the link and claim your listing.   Enter as much information as possible then add photos and encourage your biggest fans to write reviews.

2. Bad “title tag” on your home page

Check the company home page.  Above the website, above the address bar, at the top of the browser, is the title tag.  If this reads “home” – it’s a missed opportunity.  The title of the home page is possibly the most important piece of your search engine marketing. Instead of “home,” use a relevant key phrase that you’d like to rank for and after the keyword, insert the business name.

3. Poor copy

If you’re site reads “We’re the best” …or largest, or smartest or fastest, etc., you have inadvertently made yourself sound very ordinary.  Most websites use this copy which ultimately makes it ineffective.

Instead, find a way to say what matters most to your potential clients. Keep it simple and focus on the actual purpose of your business to really connect with visitors.

4. Generic design

Free website designs are easy to find, but small business owners need to know that their websites are an integral part in their brand strategy.  With that said, it’s recommended to set aside a budget for hiring a quality web design firm who understands how to present the company brands in the best possible way.

Stock photos are easy to spot and don’t communicate anything meaningful about an organization.   Instead, aim to appear “real” to people who visit the site and offer a better sense of your personal brand and that of your company.

A picture of the people in the business; your office space or building or on the floor of the factory will help make a personal connection. This is key if you want to be known, liked, trusted and hired.

5. Not following up on leads from your website

Regardless of where a site ranks, traffic numbers or amount of inbound leads, you need to be diligent about following up.  Many website owners simply do not take the time to quickly respond to requests through the site.

If you don’t respond and act – and quickly – all the work on the website may be wasted.  Budget time and respond, preferably within an hour if possible. After all, this is the point of web marketing!

Andy CrestodinaAbout The Guest Author: Andy Crestodina is the principal and strategic director of Chicago based Orbit Media Studios, specializing in web design and video production.


2 Comments 5 Biggest Website Mistakes for Small Businesses And How to Fix Them

  1. Steve Hippel

    Great advice but how many will listen.
    I made a point of contacting all of my clients and advised them to add a photo of themselves to their website. This helps your visitors to make a connection. I sent all of those emails and yet only one client took my advice. Small business owners are often blissfully unaware just how much difference a GOOD website can make to their business. Small business websites are on the whole suffering serious neglect.
    It’s a real shame that so few are taking full advantage of this low cost and very effective form of marketing.

  2. Jim Ross

    Great basic advice that so many overlook. I can’t count the number of times I look at the top bar of my browser and the page title literally is “untitled”.

    “Build it and they will come” is so untrue, but what most are wishing for. Getting good response from a website takes diligent effort and knowledge of what works.


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