Does Your Business Really Need To Go Wireless?

In-Stat recently released a study which predicts that wireless services would have exceeded wireline voice by 2012. This is not surprising as more businesses consider mobility as a business necessity rather than just a lark.

small businesses are going wireless

The importance of connectivity is emphasized now more than ever and it is particularly crucial since more businesses operate online and do not have a brick and mortar presence. According to the same study, small business spending would be spent more on wireless technology and the largest that the industry will be spending on is cloud computing.

It seems that working in a remote location is more than just a passing trend.   Let’s face it, mobility has advantages that are simply irresistible especially for business owners who are always on the go and it all boils down to cutting business expenses such as travel and hotel costs. With the advent of social media as a marketing strategy, more business owners can have more time spent on courting local partners and vendors out of the office.

According to Ken Singer, CEO and founder of AppCentral, companies should embrace mobility. After all, just showing up for work in the office does not mean that you are being productive. The predominance of web-based applications isn’t just about reducing monetary and management expenses, it is also about maintaining business continuity and availability.

Mobile solutions such as the use of smartphones, tablet PCs and software applications are now being adopted as a need and not just a trend. From using tablets for email purposes to using apps for web conferencing, demos and presentations, one could say that technology has served its purpose well in the business industry.

Studies show that eight out of ten U.S. SMBs have implemented mobile solutions for their businesses and the result of cutting the cord for businesses is predicted to be $32 billion in 2011. If you are one of those business owners who prefer wireline as opposed to wireless connectivity, you might want to change your mind at the soonest time possible.

We should all keep watch on the latest trends and while not every trend will withstand the test of time, those that are proven to be necessary for sustainable business growth and development should definitely be considered as a business basic or a business must-have.

Times are changing and the only way to go up the ladder of success is by ensuring that we welcome change. If you haven’t gone wireless yet, you might find that sooner or later, you will and it would be better (whether financially or not) that you do it soon.


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  1. MetroFax

    We’ve noticed a dramatic increase in the number of people converting to internet fax and mobile fax services over the past few years, so much so that we’ve now developed an app for use with iphone or android devices that allows our customers to manage their fax services from any where they can use their smartphone. This seems to be the new standard not only for large corporations, but also for small businesses.


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