Salespeople Need to Make Their Pitch Nicely Dressed

As an employer, do you closely monitor what your salespeople wear before they go out to meet with clients? No? Perhaps you should take a closer look now and then.

While more and more offices it seems turn a little more casual each day when it comes to clothing, sales people representing your company when meeting with clients need to dress above that.

proper business attire for salespeople

The challenge for employers has become even greater given the fact that more and more sales are done remotely due to online options. Still, your salespeople should dress the part when they go out and engage a client.

Impressions Do Matter

Whether you are meeting with a first-time client or with someone who has purchased advertising or other products/services from your company over the years, the impression you give them does matter.

Simply put, the way your salesperson dresses reinforces or decreases the pitch they are making to a client. If your salesperson shows up nicely attired, their believability level will be higher, while a poor appearance leads the client to wonder exactly how much interest you really have in them.

If you and your salespeople have questions over the importance of dress, take these factors into account:

  • Developed accounts – You have worked to mold these clients into regular buyers of your products and services. So, do you let your appearance slack off or do you stay on top of your game? Don’t take your established clients for granted and show up unprofessionally attired one day. The message it sends is that you were not willing to be professional in front of them, but you’d do otherwise with a potential customer. Stay neatly attired to maintain a professional relationship;
  • Potential accounts – These are the individuals you are trying your hardest to make a good impression on, so it only is appropriate that you dress the part. That being said, keep the look professional and not like you’re dressed for a nightclub or wearing too much cologne or perfume. Lastly, any noticeable tattoos, piercings, etc. should be covered up;
  • Questions, questions, questions – In the event you the salesperson have questions when meeting a new client, sit down with your boss and review the background of who you are meeting. If the individual is rather conservative, dress the part. If the individual is a little more laid back, you can scale it back a degree, but that doesn’t mean a t-shirt and jeans. Know who you are meeting ahead of time so both you and the client are not left surprised with your appearance;
  • Find the right balance – While the bottom line is you’re looking for a sale, find something to wear that is not over the top or under performs. If you’re not sure what to wear, keep it simple so as not to be the center of attention when meeting your client.

As a salesperson, you shoulder the responsibility in sending the best professional message you can to be successful. The manner in which you dress demonstrates respect for yourself, your company and the products or services they offer.

At the end of the day, remember, you do not get a second opportunity to make a first impression.

About The Guest Author: Dave Thomas writes extensively for an online resource that provides expert advice on purchasing and outsourcing decisions for small business owners and entrepreneurs at Resource Nation.


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