Is Your Answering Service Helping Your Business?

business virtual answering service

Call answering services can be a great, cost-effective way to enhance your customer service without taking on a full-time staff member. A phone call is likely to be your clients’ first interaction with your company, so it’s important that you choose the right service for your business.

How can you make sure your service will make your business look good? Remember that:

First impressions matter. Are the virtual receptionists answering your calls happy? Do your callers hear ring after ring before they pick up or are they greeted right away by a live person?

Call your perspective answering service several times before you sign up and you’ll see what your callers will go through when you finally forward your line. Look especially for promptness in answering (answering before the fourth ring is ideal), ease with which they answer your questions, and what kind of mood the receptionist’s is consistently in.

If you experience anything other than the kind of happy, helpful service you’d provide, you may want to look elsewhere for phone answering support.

Outstanding customer experiences inspire loyal clients. Will your virtual receptionist service go above and beyond for you and your callers?

Virtual receptionist services can often transfer calls to you live and sound like they’re in your office. Your callers will still be well taken care of by a friendly, live person, and you’ll be able to produce quality work with limited interruptions – win-win!

Responsiveness is a virtual virtue. Does your answering service call your clients back for you? Virtual receptionists can help you get more done by returning some of your calls for you. Even if you’re stepping into a meeting, you can send a quick message to your virtual receptionist service, and they’ll be able to assist your client in your absence.  You’ll be able to keep your clients in the loop wherever you are!

Not all answering services are made equal, but the best virtual receptionist services can help you impress new clients, enhance your customer service, keep current clients happy, and best of all, make your business look good.

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