The Entrepreneur’s Guide To Writing Faster Articles For SEO

We all know the importance of writing quality articles for your website. Without great content, search engines can’t find you and visitors won’t stay on your website. If you write a bad article, people will leave. If you don’t write an article at all, you’ll never have the chance of being found.

There is a success formula I use every time that helps me generate traffic to my website through the art of writing articles. It’s not the conventional ways of generating traffic such as video marketing, search engine optimization and pay per click advertising. It’s the simple act of writing articles faster.

tips for writing article faster

Based upon careful study of highly successful blog sites and authority websites, the main success traits behind these sites is that they have over 1,000 articles on their website. By having a ton of great quality content in the thousands, you’ll be generating traffic to your site like a boss.

However, if it takes you 1 hour to write a good article, then that means you’ll need to invest over 1,000 hours of your time to writing that content.

Here’s how you write faster content without losing quality at all.

Pick a topic you love to write about.

Have you ever tried writing an article on something that didn’t interest you at all? You’ll struggle, it will slow you down immensely and you won’t produce great content at all. You must pick a topic you know and are passionate about so you can easily write to your heart’s content.

Play great music.

Experiment with different types of music to play in the background. Try fast music, slow music or any type of music that you enjoy. This gives you the energy and motivation to write really fast.

Write fast.

Just do it. Write fast, don’t think, don’t go back and edit, just write as fast as you can. As an entrepreneur, we are always trying to perfect everything and make sure it’s good before we release our works to the masses. Don’t do this with your first writing revision. Just write as fast as you can and don’t worry about whether people will like it or not. You can always go back and make the changes.

I can assure you that if you learn this skill of writing fast through practice and repetition, you’ll be able to reach your goals faster and watch your traffic and income take off like never before.

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Khoa BuiAbout The Guest Author: Khoa Bui of Secrets Entrepreneur is a corporate trainer, international speaker and best selling author of the book “How To Increase Your Website Traffic” by Entrepreneur Press.


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