Monetize And Measure Your Video Marketing With These Two Online Tools

Two Tools to Monetize And Measure Your Video Marketing

SMBs spend either time or money on their website videos. Both are valuable for the owner of an SMB which is why you need to get the most out of your videos. Saying a URL or telling someone to visit your site isn’t enough, you cannot accurately measure this and see what your ROI is. You also don’t get to see your reach or where the traffic comes from.

Here are two tools (with free versions) that will help you see the real return from your video and video marketing efforts:

Viewbix lets you add clickable buttons and calls to action to your website videos. You can add custom skins to videos you pull in from YouTube, VimeoPro and other sharing sites and also add social apps. Some of the apps include newsletter sign ups, shopping lists, maps (to show store locations), weather, Twitter feeds and more.

With a pro account you also get an analytics suite to show you where your video is being watched, what colors and skins get the most attention and you can tell which apps generate the most use on which sites and drive the most conversions. The feature I like the most is that when your Viewbix is shared on sites like Facebook and Twitter, the majority of the functionality remains in tact. Now people can shop through your video, sign up for your newsletter and more on social media sites.

OneLoad is a tool that lets you distribute your videos across almost every major video sharing site for free. What’s nice about using OneLoad is that you can save a ton of time instead of having to go to each site, typing in all of the information and waiting for your video to upload. You can do it in one place at one time and not have to worry. Now you can get the distribution that would have taken you at least a full day in less than an hour.

Video Marketing can be a scary thing to spend time on. Everyone gets excited about it, but when you realize how hard it can be to measure, most SMBs think they wasted their time. By using Viewbix you can measure everything from reach to conversions and by using OneLoad you can save time getting your video listed on almost every major video site.

Adam RiemerAbout The Guest Author:   Adam Riemer is an online marketer with more than 10 years of experience helping SMBs and the Fortune 50 remove theft and optimize their marketing and ROI as well as show proper channel attribution.

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