Hiring? Don’t Lose Your Loyal Customers in the Process

Good news! The economy is picking back up, or so they say. Regardless of the politics, a quick survey of business windows does show a surge in “now hiring” signs. This is great news for both the growing business and the thousands of job seekers still looking for jobs”¦or is it?

I talk with many job seekers from all stages of life and all levels of education and there is a common theme to each of the conversations. Businesses are forgetting that their applicants are most likely also some of their biggest fans. People apply to work for the companies that they know and love. The problem is that they are not feeling the love back.

Hiring? Don't Lose Your Loyal Customers in the Process

In an effort to streamline the process of reviewing hundreds of applicants, companies both large and small have turned to automated online application systems, email rejection letters, and discourage in-person applicants by referring them back to the online system (otherwise known as the black hole for resumes).

The end result is that many loyal customers walk away from the application process feeling not only rejected but completely ignored and undervalued. This is a dangerous prospect. Once you realize that every time you hire just one person, you potentially turn off hundreds of current, or would be, loyal customers.

As someone who ran a business with multiple locations across five states, I understand that you cannot personally reach out to every single applicant, but I have learned that the application process can make or break the perception that people have of my company in the community.

Here are three rules that will help your company be a hiring hero and keep your applicants excited about being a customer, even when they don’t get the job:

  1. Let people know that the application made it to a real person. Let them know that you will contact those who make it to the next stage in the hiring process.
  2. Don’t send rejection letters.
  3. Call back every applicant that you interview. Encourage and uplift them in their job seeking process.

Mark ZarrAbout The Guest Author: Mark Zarr is the author of Common Sense Business, a speaker, Adjunct professor of business, and owner of Common Sense Development, a small business marketing, consulting, and training firm. Download a free sample of Mark’s book and read more of his articles at his website or connect with him on Facebook.

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