How To Recruit Top Tier Students To Your Company

Every graduation season companies scramble to hire a fresh crop of those just entering the workforce for the first time. These new grads are filled with energy, excitement, and innovative ideas that employers can’t wait to have on their payroll.

How To Recruit Top Tier Students To Your Company

Of course, this level of enthusiasm isn’t intended for all recent grads “” companies want the best of the best, the naturally brilliant top tier students, who were born to overachieve.

How to Get Top Tier Students to Choose Your Company

  • Attend Career Fairs: This may sound like an obvious strategy, but it’s also the obvious place to find college seniors. Not having a booth at colleges you’re looking to recruit from will seriously decrease your chances of enlisting grads from the school. For those students that you already have your eye on, let them know you’re interested by sending them an invitation to stop by your booth and hold a special “invite only” reception after the event.
  • Entertain Them: Even the most serious students want to know your company is a place they will have fun. Invite your top candidates out for a fun day of bonding with other key members of your company. Go to a baseball game or get tickets to a show everyone’s talking about. Not only will this impress the student, they’ll also tell their friends who will be rushing to get their resumes on your desk immediately.
  • Create a New Grad Program: Entice students by creating a program for new graduates at your company. This can be something like allowing them to get a sense for a number of different positions by working in a rotation for a few months or a year, or even providing them with a mentor to help them set career goals and determine how your company can help to make them a reality. Ambitious students will like to know that your company is a place they can grow their career.

About The Guest Author: George Patterson is a recruitment consultant specializing in connecting businesses with top notch candidates. George recommends looking to the CareerBuilder student jobs section for currently available positions.

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