Website Design: Don’t Let Your First Impression Be Your Last

The other day, I looked up a restaurant website to tell a friend about a great meal I enjoyed. Instead, I found myself making excuses for their lousy website, which was a poor reflection of their excellent food and service.

Website Design: Don't Let Your First Impression Be Your Last

Does your website possibly give the wrong impression of your business? It’s helpful to look at your site through the eyes of…

…A first-timer.

Can you tell what your business is all about from the homepage? Make sure your website quickly answers the basics. Make it easy to find your contact name, address, phone numbers, business hours, email address, and a map.

Include a call to action on every page, such as “Schedule a demo” or “Buy it now.” And don’t be boring. Short, action-oriented sentences, photos of real people, and testimonials will help keep their attention.

…A return visitor.

If you came back a month later, what would you find? Hopefully something new. You’re the expert, so start a blog about the best spark plugs, your latest designs, or why it’s smart to call a pro to deal with that dead tree. Share your expertise, and visitors will return. (Search engines like frequently changing content, which can help your website ranking.)

…A mobile viewer.

How does your site work on a mobile phone? It had better be up to par, since 49 percent of the U.S. population use smartphones for everything from email to web searches. Does it load fast? Is it readable? Can you navigate?

If the answer is no, it may be time for a revamp. Look into incorporating responsive design technology, which can help your website display properly on all screens.

Mike KappelAbout The Guest Author:  Mike Kappel is the president of Patriot Software Inc, a developer of small business software and one of five successful companies he’s founded in the last 25 years. He writes about his experiences as a small business owner in his blog.

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