How to Do Surveys for Your B2B Demand Generation Strategy?

These days, B2B marketing is experiencing dramatic change. The marketing experts are finding themselves under enormous pressure to convey results and validate important program and head-counts investments. Moreover, products and service sales are the core of any business and without generating lead as well as clients it can not continue to exist. Although, there are several techniques to generate leads, surveys are among the most effective techniques for performing an exclusive lead generation.

b2b demand generation survey

Furthermore, conducting market research is really essential in order to understand the market behavior, customers, characteristics, etc. Today, there are numerous lead generation companies that promise to bring quality and effective leads and it becomes confusing which one to choose. However, if you are considering performing a survey, by designing a simple but proper layout for survey, you can identify the main points about their prospects or customers.

Here are some of the vital tips for designing effective B2B lead generation Surveys:

1. Know your campaign target market vigilantly

Some of the best qualifiers that you can use to define your target market includes:

  • Income
  • Number of employee
  • Industry type
  • Area

Depending upon all these points, you can choose a group for instance a number of companies with a particular amount of revenue in a particular business located at a particular place.

2. Define your contacts by title

It is necessary to make a respondents selection. You need to address your target contacts by their title or the role that they are playing in their particular company. Moreover, the functionality can also be used to classify the roles of different people. In simple words, a person who is responsible for handling a particular work in a company can be identified by his function. Furthermore, if you are targeting people who are decision makers, influencers or users of your product or service, they should also be identified clearly.

3. Style of Survey

The two main methods that can be employed to conduct surveys are Telephonic surveys and web surveys. However, when it comes to choose between these two methods, to need to consider some of the important points:

You can opt for web surveys if:

  • If you are having any existing relationship with your respondents
  • If you are having an establish brand
  • If you have a detailed database inclusive of phone numbers and e-mail addresses

If you are not fulfilling all these mentioned points, you must opt for telephonic surveys.

4. Survey questions

Be sure to prepare a proper format of questions that you are going to ask while conducting the survey. However, you must focus on some of the most important points, which are:

  • Avoid asking open ended kind of questions instead try to ask multiple choice or questions with yes or no responses
  • Try to limit the total number of questions to be asked between five to ten minutes
  • Avoid questions that sound promotional or makes respondent believe that they may be followed up with sales calls.
  • Make questions of which, the results can be presented in a report form or can be summarized in graphs, bar or pie diagrams

5. Checkout the In-House resources

If you have enough resources and tools to administer the survey campaign, you can perform it by yourself. On the other hand, if it is required to follow-up the respondents and motivate them to take the surveys, in that case you may necessitate to employ an external market research firm. An experienced market research firm can provide better lead generation services for an effective B2B lead generation through a very well conducted survey.

Thus, by considering all the above mentioned information, one can surely generate highly qualified leads, even through a small survey campaign.

About the Author: Gregg Schwartz, Director of Sales and Marketing for Strategic Sales & Marketing, is a blogger who is also an entrepreneur having expertise in conversion optimization. He has extensive experience in B2B marketing and finding ways to generate quality leads.


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