Why your Business Could Benefit from Call Forwarding

When it comes to business, large and small, one main focus should always be on the client and the solid delivery of services for those clients. This however makes them stick to one specific area for long periods of time meaning they cannot progress in terms of size or profit. In order to make yourself freer to be able to deal with other important things, you should consider hiring a virtual receptionist to help you with your call logs.

Call forwarding

Benefits of having virtual receptionists

If you are wondering why your business could benefit from call forwarding, there are numerous ways, some of which we will list below:

Firstly, you will have a well-trained qualified receptionist at your disposal- this will help your business as they are always composed and know exactly how to talk with the clients who call. You won’t have to train the receptionist either, as they will be aware of how important it is to be professional on the phone.

Updated records

Since the call forwarding mechanism ensures that you have less to worry about, the receptionist has only one thing to do and that is update you on all calls. This way you can be sure that the records kept are up to date so that you’re always in possession of the right details.

Call screening on all calls

This way, when you find that messages are sent to you, they have been grouped from the most important to the least. This way you are sure to act fast enough. In addition prank calls are no longer a major concern when it comes to your line of business as only work related messages are passed onto you.

Small packages to suit your business

Your options are scalable and if you are ready to expand your business you can upgrade your package to ensure your call forwarding package covers the growth of your business .You and your staff will also benefit from being more productive as you won’t be wasting time on unnecessary calls.

Works regardless of your location

Whether you are driving or in the gym or in a meeting you get the messages straight away, as and when they are forwarded to you. Then you can act on them in the way that you see it fit. Your business appears to always be trading, but you don’t have to be.

24/7 Service

Whether it’s a holiday, or you are not feeling well you can always count on your business benefiting from call forwarding as you will still have the messages taken and your clients will have been dealt with in a friendly and efficient manner. Knowing your business is always contactable, even through a call forwarding service, makes your clients feel that you are always there for them, and may increase customer engagement, leading to more clients in the future.

Appointment booking

If you opt for call forwarding, the receptionist can book appointments for you in time slots that you have pre determined. However, when it comes to this service you should use either Google calendar or any other calendar in which you can also have access to so you can make sure you’re where you need to be.

A virtual receptionist service always uses up to date technology, and can create a package to suit your needs. Whether you’re a one-man band, or a small startup, having call forwarding means you can run your business on your own terms, but never miss a call when you’re out of the office. Zintel offer call forwarding services that help you do just that. There really is no better solution.


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