4 Different Types of Printed Advertising and What they can do for your Business

Printed-media really is a fantastic way to showcase your business. Since the early beginnings of what is considered modern marketing, printed adverts have existed. While some may make the point that today’s markets are driven purely by the internet, there is still a big part of it that can be tapped into via print.

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Yes, it’s a valid point to make that the internet is a great way to create sales, but it doesn’t cover all your bases. For example if you are meeting clients and need to leave contact details, or if you want something to adorn your shop front or have in your company’s foyer – you’ll need something paper-based.

So if you’ve yet to consider what print-media can do for you, or you’re looking to shake up your marketing campaigns, be sure to read this post. You’ll find four examples of the different types available and what they could potentially do for your business.

Brochures and Guides

A high-quality, glossy brochure or guide is a fantastic way to showcase your product offering to new customers and clients. Another advantage to these is they can be distributed out to people for them to use at a later point, or possibly pass on to others too.

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Newspaper Adverts

Well-placed and targeted newspaper adverts are very beneficial for exposing your brand. You do need to consider your target audience with this though, as younger generations are not as interested in reading newspapers. The publication you choose also plays a big part in the success of your newspaper advert; aim for more established publications as they will have more prestige and a bigger following behind them.

Business Cards

These little cards can go a long way for your business. Their obvious and traditional use is as a handy-sized memento to offer clients after meetings, or for people to pick up and refer back to at a later point. However, they’re also a fantastic means for you to get creative and make your business stand out. Having a card designed beyond the typical, contact details, logo and image is more likely to stick in somebody’s head, and, there’s more chance of them sharing it with others.

Trade shows are great places to generate fresh sales leads for your business


A decent banner can be adorned over your shop front or businesses to advertise new offers and deals you have. On top of this, banners are very versatile and can be used again at public events and meetings. Be sure to keep them in-line with the style of your company and building though as you run the risk of making your advert look a little garish.

One big factor, as alluded to earlier, is to always invest in quality prints. If you want to demonstrate that your business is professional and impress your customers, this should be reflected in how good your printed media is. A great option is to get yours from expert companies like Aura Print for instance; they can provide you with excellent, bespoke materials that show off your brand in the right way.

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  1. Izzy

    I agree – while online marketing is important these days, businesses shouldn’t disregard print marketing. Integrated print and online marketing strategies are the most effective.


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