Features Every Multichannel Software Should Have

If you’re using more than one online marketplace, you can understand the frustration of having to log into multiple different channels to manage your orders and inventory. Perhaps it’s time to think about investing in a multichannel software. To help you, we’ve compiled this list of features every multichannel software should have.

Multi-channel software

Cloud Based

Having a cloud based software has its major advantages – firstly, you can use it on a Mac or PC, so you don’t have to worry about how compatible it is with your hardware. Secondly, being cloud based means the software is much easier to access and can work on anything with a web browser. Stuck on a train? No longer an issue: simply login from a smartphone to check the status of your orders.

Order Management

Another key feature your multichannel software should have is allowing you to view and manage all your orders from one system, so you no longer need to log onto numerous systems to check the status of your orders – you should be able to do it from one handy and easy to navigate dashboard.

You should also be able you use the software to create direct and phone orders and import and export orders into the software quickly by using a CSV file, which should save you time when processing orders.

Inventory Management

Syncing your inventory in real time is another key feature your inventory management should have – this is imperative to stop over selling. You should be able to view your products individually to see which marketplace and website they’re being sold on, and automatically link your products from different channel by SKU code.

Your multichannel software should also be able to trace and help manage your inventory across different locations – be it across different shops, offices or warehouses. It should also give you the option to create a product made up from other products – called “product kits” or “bundles”.

You should also be able to export some or all of your products into a CSV, edit data in bulk and then import back into the software to bulk update pricing to save you time.


The ability to batch print your courier labels without leaving the software is an essential feature your multichannel software should have. You should be able to generate shipping labels for your products, including customer and order details, and you should be provided with a tracking number for your customer.


You should be able to use your multichannel software to create and edit professional emails to automatically send to your customers when you ship their order.

Purchase Orders

Your multichannel software should allow you to create and manage purchase orders and automatically email them to your suppliers. An added advantage would be the ability to sync them with your accounting software. You should be able to add, edit and delete suppliers from your multichannel software, and also setup key contacts for their accounts. The software should give you the option to email purchase orders direct to your supplier when a new one is created.


Your multichannel software should have an easy-to-decipher reporting dashboard so you can view all the important statistics across your many sales channels. Using big data, you should be able to monitor and compare your sales in simple graphs and also view each individual marketplace.


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