4 Reasons Why Events and Exhibition Stands Go Hand in Hand

Tradeshows and commercial events are gaining steam in every vertical market because the fight for limited corporate spending budgets has been gravely intensified by uncertain markets.

Busy trade show

New and old companies alike will often visit trade shows and their ilk to scope out the competition; silent sharks swimming through a current of vendors and exhibitions, passively observing their competition take another bite out of the market.

Just kidding. There’s nothing predator-like about being a silent observer. You might feel like James Bond scoping out your competition, you might even engage with them and act like a customer undercover to learn more about their strategies but as you engage them – you’re standing inside the most powerful tool in their arsenal: their exhibition stand.

The secret of dominating a market lay in smart, constant, consistent visibility.

And the only way to achieve status as a market influence, win clients, and “build bank” is to join the party and set up your own exhibition stand.

There are a number of benefits to holding down your own corner of an event, and before you sign up for another tradeshow or commercial event as a visitor – perhaps you might consider taking a shot at becoming a main attraction with attractive Exhibition Stands UK.

Build Relationships

A thoughtful exhibition stand at any commercial event or trade show will be conducive to discussion and sitting down to talk about ways that you may work with your visitors in the future. Remember, it is not how many business cards or tradeshow freebies you hand out embroidered with your logo, or how big the raffle jackpot is – it’s how many business cards you collect after quality discussion.

Your name and your company are made most memorable when you engage with your audience in a personal way, and an exhibition stand is like your company’s living room. It says a lot about your business.

Be Seen

Even if you are not personally engaging with each and every visitor that passes by your exhibition stand, your presence will linger long after the event. All event materials, floor plans, and take home materials will inform anyone in attendance that XYZ Company was there and provide contact details to enable those in attendance to get in touch at a later date.

Location, Location, Location

The status and perceived success of your organisation is also dictated by the positioning and location of your exhibition stand at the event.

If you take the budget option or do not plan soon enough in advance you could be relegated to a far-reaching corner of the event, making your company appear as inept as the location of your exhibition stand.

Set the Mood

Another great opportunity that a quality exhibition stand can open a door to is the mood you are able to create. If the feet of tradeshow attendees could speak, they would whimper. If their stomachs could, they would cry out for attention.

An exhibition stand is a clear and present opportunity to dazzle the human senses and create a welcoming atmosphere for your guests.

Sights are one thing, smells are another. Have your stand equipped with seating, a coffee machine (the fancier, the better), foods and refreshments. Nothing will draw more people in than making your exhibition stand feel like the set of Central Perk from Friends. And there are more subtle benefits of this as well; the relief you offer them will be subconsciously associated with your brand. Scientists call this “neural linguistic programming”.

Photo credit: Frans Schouwenburg / Flickr


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