How to Choose your Exhibition Stands

Exhibitions and trade shows have immense marketing value for businesses regardless of size, from startups to global corporations. But in order to make the most of your space at conventions, on the road or in pop up locations, you need to choose the right exhibition stand.

Expo stands at BIT Milano 2015

Exhibition stands are available in three varieties, modular, custom and portable. From reusability to interactive features, there are various factors that come into play when picking the best stand for your needs.

Modular stands are reusable solutions for multiple exhibitions

Modular exhibition stands are ‘built for reconstruction, they give increased flexibility and ease of transport’. All of these factors make them extremely useful if you are planning to attend multiple events or are taking your exhibiting on the road.

Stands come in a number of reusable forms, from larger set ups with spaces for interactive technology such as TV screens, to smaller pop ups with spaces for branding or attractive imagery.

Rentable stands are a good way to keep costs down, even if you are doing multiple trade shows, but for long term use purchasing your own stands is worthwhile.

One of the advantages of modular exhibition stands is that because they are built to be broken down, panels can be replaced. This allows you to reuse your stands with new panels as need.

Custom exhibition stands suited to large corporations

Custom exhibition stands are the perfect choice for those seeking personalized stands for a particular event. Built for single use, the unique quality of customized stands is best suited for large corporations who want to stand out and familiarise viewers with their brand.

With a custom built stand, clients are offered solutions tailored to their needs and colour specifications, letting the creativity run wild. Crafted with bespoke finishes, the ultimate goal is to attract attention within an exhibiting space.

Many modular stands come in pre-designed pieces which can be arranged with other exhibition features. However, if you need a custom modular exhibition stand, you can get these designed by experienced companies like Skyline Whitespace. Each can be built with you specific extras or spatial requirements in mind.

Portable exhibition stands for first time exhibitors

For first time exhibitors or small businesses looking for simple yet unique stands, portable exhibition stands offer cost-effective solutions with a low purchase risk.

Typically when one thinks of portable exhibition stands, it might seem limited to pop up roller banners. While these are useful for on the road use, there are other more inventive options available, such as inflatable stands.

The practical stands are made from small modular frames that take up little room, simplifying their transportation, storage and assemblage. Interchangeable graphics and displays are attached to “pop-up” stands, delivering a polished look with a high degree of reusability.

While each variety of exhibition stand: custom, modular and portable, can be used independently, often these can be combined to suit. At different sized events or for special conferences you may wish to include unique builds, portable additions or include modular stands with your custom builds.

Photo credit: Gaetano Virgallito / Flickr


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