Office Hunting: What to Look For and What to Avoid

With Thailand’s booming economy, there has been a flood of new companies entering the market, either from abroad or from local entrepreneurs. However, just because DDProperty showcases that there are plenty of commercial buildings for rent in Thailand to meet the demand, this does not mean that they are all equal. You need to take into consideration the needs of your business, the location of the building and whether it is versatile enough to suit the operations of your company.

Bangkok business district

Digital Connectivity

If your company is a part of the growing business process outsourcing industry within the country, then having a stable company grade internet connection as well as sufficient facilities for server storage is an absolute necessity. The problem though is that not all districts within cities like Bangkok are able to provide such requirements.

There are several internet service providers within Thailand with Loxinfo being the largest among them and one of the only ISPs capable of providing the necessary high-speed internet connections that BPOs require. However, the districts the company is able to provide its services to are divided into high-speed high priority locations and household grade low priority connections. This means that high priority fiber-optic systems are only available in limited locations such as Bangkok’s central business district. If you were to rent a building outside of these areas, then it is unlikely that you would be able to get the necessary internet speed and priority access that BPO companies require.

It is highly recommended that before you purchase a building with the BPO industry in mind that you first consult with Loxinfo if they provide fiber-optic internet connections in that area.

Already Present Office Oriented Installations

Another factor that you should look out for is the presence of office oriented installations within the building. These are easy to spot since they consist of dropped ceilings and ceiling tiles already installed with their corresponding light fixtures.

Not all commercial buildings within Thailand already come with dropped ceilings installed. It is often the case that these buildings come with an “as is” policy with any further installations and changes being completely up to the new tenant. Having to install a dropped ceiling along with their corresponding tiles can be a significant upfront financial cost, especially when you consider the fact that you can’t take the ceiling with you should you choose to transfer to a different office space. As such, before committing to any contract, you need to determine if a commercial building already has office oriented installations already in place or if the owner of the building is willing to share in the cost of the installation. If no installations are present and if the owner refuses to share the cost, then you should choose another location.

Employee Commuting

Businesses need to be mindful about how their employees can reach the premises of the company. If the rental price of a commercial building is affordable and the facilities are oriented towards office use yet it is situated in an area that is hard to commute to, then it is likely that few people would want to apply for vacancies in the company.

When it comes to hunting down a good location, you need to make sure that it is near to a main road or is in an area that is easily accessible via the various trains within the city center of Bangkok. By doing so you make it easier for employees to commute to and from the company’s premises and thus make it more likely that people would apply for vacant positions.

Evaluating Versatility

Versatility is an important factor when it comes to any office space since this determines what you can do with the space that you’re renting. For example, let’s say that you want to place cubicles in the middle for ordinary employees while placing closed offices spaces on the sides for the managers of the company.

A versatile office space allows this to be done easily since the large amount of space combined with a lack of obstacles makes it feasible. Non-versatile office spaces are characterized by the presence of multiple dividing walls and pillars situated within the office. This prevents you from dividing the office properly and makes the office feel far more cramped than it actually is.

Check the Bathrooms

While this may seem rather silly, you should always check the bathrooms of the building before you rent it. You need to make sure that the bathrooms have been well maintained, that there are no cracks in the tiles and that stalls are properly installed.


Finding a building for rent in Thailand is easy; however, finding one that suits all of your needs is where the problems begin. Follow the short guide in this article and you should be able to avoid most of the problems people encounter when renting a new building


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