How your Organization Can Benefit from Hosted PBX and VoIP

Almost every realm of operations today, be it storage or connectivity, finds a virtual extension thanks to the advent to remote storage spaces available in the form of Cloud. This has brought to users the option of hosted PBX and VoIP services. Choosing a hosted PBX and VoIP for your organization has numerous benefits for your business operations, especially in case of small and medium businesses. Compared to the cumbersome paraphernalia brought in by traditional PBX set up that consumes a massive portion of an organization’s IT resources in terms of upkeep, operations and maintenance, the hosted version presents itself an a viable alternative.

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Here are the top benefits of using cloud hosted services for PBX and VoIP.

Lower Cost of Maintenance

Hosted PBX comes with a low cost of maintenance, which in turn brings cost efficiency to your organization’s communication set up in terms of repairs, upkeep and downtime often brought in by the traditional PBX services. Since hosted version of PBX and VoIP is operated and maintained by a third party, maintenance and upkeep of the services is the least of your concerns. Besides, as opposed to the extensive set up required for an in-house PBX, the hosted version operates on a single internet connection, thereby ruling out the need for equipment purchase and set up investment.

Scope of Scaling up Services

As your business operations grow, you may need to upgrade your communication set-up as well. In case of an in-house PBX, this may mean installing a bigger KPU, installing more connection networks or ordering a complete overhaul of the existing services, However, hosted PBX has an inherent scope of scaling up (or even scaling down) your communication services as per your requirement. Hosted PBX and VoIP solutions allows users to upgrade to more phone lines, add extensions and even mobile devices on the existing network without the hassle of indulging in any hardware overhaul.

Zero Investment on Maintenance

A hosted PBX and VoIP is installed and maintained by a third party, which means the maintenance of the entire communication system is taken care of by your service providers. Since the communication operations are carried out in a remote location, so is the maintenance, which means you don’t have to invest dedicated staff or monetary resources to ensure the upkeep and maintenance of your PBX set-up.

Greater Reliability

Hosted communication services provide a far greater reliability in terms of service operations as opposed to an in-house PBX set up. Having your communication network hosted on a cloud eliminates factors such as lag in response time, call drops, and poor call quality. You can count on a hosted PBX system to bring greater quality and efficiency to your communication network as these factors are often touted as the USP of this new, improved version of PBX as opposed to traditional PSTN connections.

Quicker Recovery

Telephone networks are susceptible breakdowns and malfunctions. From a storm to power outage, even the slightest of disruption can throw a traditional telecommunication system out of gear. When that happens, your business operations come to a grinding halt too. You cannot make or receive calls, send out communication in form of fax and even the internet connection goes out. However, when the telecommunication network is hosted on a cloud, the infrastructure is nearly immune to such break-downs. With a cloud-backed communication set up, you can trust to have consistent telephonic connectivity even in face of an emergency or unforeseen natural calamity.

All in all, hosted PBX and VoIP services present a better alternative to the traditional in-house communication channels almost on all counts. A thorough research on hosted PBX provider in USA will help you zero-in on the best service provider for your needs.


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