The Cafe Owner’s Guide to Managing Melbourne’s Sporadic Weather Conditions

Melbourne is Australia’s most famous city for experiencing four seasons in a day. The weather can turn so quickly that it can leave many Melbournites frustrated as they enjoy the outdoors one minute only to be confronted with winds or blistering rain the next.

Cafe co-owners

For café owners, it is just as frustrating since many patrons want to enjoy the experience of the outdoors while they are enjoying their coffee. There are a few ways café owners can manage the change in weather.

Consider investing in indoor and outdoor heater.

It can get annoying when you are at a café and you are struggling to keep warm. Rather than let your patrons freeze while they are trying to enjoy their café experience, you can invest in heaters to keep them warm. There are several options to keep your patrons warm inside your café. For the café’s outdoor area, café owners can opt for outdoor heaters to keep their patrons warm. Some effective outdoor heaters includes the use of heatstrips, outdoor gas heaters and radiant heating panels.


You can add shade to your café relatively inexpensively by investing in shade sails and retractable awnings. They will keep your patrons cool as well as add style and flair to your café. You can choose to use umbrella designs, retractable roofs, awnings, umbrella blinds and outdoor blinds.

Air conditioning

During the summer months, temperatures can soar in excess of 40 degrees, which can leave your café patrons sweltering. To keep your patrons feeling refreshed, you can install air conditioning systems that can reduce the temperature in cafes that have the option to enclose their areas.


Alternatively if you’re café operates in an outdoor area, then fans would be the ideal solution to keep your patrons cool. Standing fans can be purchased and placed around the café. Alternatively, rotating fans can be installed in the ceiling or ceiling vents can be installed to help circulate the ventilation within your café.

Versatile weather control

Another option is to invest in café weather blinds, which can act as a windbreaker and insulator against the heat or the cold. Café owners can explore options from outdoor blind companies in Melbourne. So if the weather decides to become windy, rainy, hot or cold, you can adjust the blinds accordingly to manage the changing weather conditions.

Make use of versatile windows and doors

You can install different styles of windows and doors that allows you to expose your café to the outdoors. Folding windows and doors can give the interior of your café an outdoor feel. You will still have the option to close areas of your café that’s impacted by the weather. These are a great option for the warmer months of the year when patrons want to enjoy a sense of the outdoors. When the months get cooler, the café can easily close their doors and windows to keep in the warmth. Popular options are PVC café blinds. Alternatively, weather screens could benefit café’s with their bi-fold, sliding, stack slide and French door designs.

Additional benefits

The customisations that you can add to your café to accommodate the changing weather conditions can also add to the aesthetics and interior design of your café. While the solutions that have been presented are practical, they can also add a sense of character to your café as well.

Melbourne is the only city in Australia known for having up to four seasons in a day. The quick change in weather can greatly affect people’s decisions to attend and return to certain cafes. Café owners can have the upper hand by investing in ways to accommodate their café for changes in the weather and keep their customers coming back regularly over the long term.


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