6 Big Expenses to Help Your Café Dream Come to Life

Owning a business is a dream come true for many people. But knowing what you need to make your dream a reality is often vague and takes some research.

Cafe business

How will you know how much money to ask for from investors? How will you know if the business loan you’re approved for will be enough? When it comes to owning a café or other restaurant business, there are a lot of things you’ll need depending on the kinds of food and products you want to create.

Here are 6 big expenses to consider to help your café dream come alive.

Espresso Machine

You don’t want a tiny Keurig or other home espresso maker.…

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Cakes and Shakes – 6 Steps to Opening a Cafe

More and more people are giving up alcohol, steering clear of bars, and opting to chill out in cafes and coffee houses. The popularity of these hangouts is on the increase.

Cafe business

Have you always loved baking cakes, cooking, and entertaining people? Are you looking for a change of career or an opportunity to be your own boss? Why not consider opening a cafe? Here are 6 steps to doing just that.


After you have worked out your finances, compiled a business plan and budget, you need to find premises for your cafe.

Initially, you may want to rent a building until you find your feet and make some money, and then you may think that buying premises would suit you better.…

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The Cafe Owner’s Guide to Managing Melbourne’s Sporadic Weather Conditions

Melbourne is Australia’s most famous city for experiencing four seasons in a day. The weather can turn so quickly that it can leave many Melbournites frustrated as they enjoy the outdoors one minute only to be confronted with winds or blistering rain the next.

Cafe co-owners

For café owners, it is just as frustrating since many patrons want to enjoy the experience of the outdoors while they are enjoying their coffee. There are a few ways café owners can manage the change in weather.

Consider investing in indoor and outdoor heater.

It can get annoying when you are at a café and you are struggling to keep warm.…

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