Cakes and Shakes – 6 Steps to Opening a Cafe

More and more people are giving up alcohol, steering clear of bars, and opting to chill out in cafes and coffee houses. The popularity of these hangouts is on the increase.

Cafe business

Have you always loved baking cakes, cooking, and entertaining people? Are you looking for a change of career or an opportunity to be your own boss? Why not consider opening a cafe? Here are 6 steps to doing just that.


After you have worked out your finances, compiled a business plan and budget, you need to find premises for your cafe.

Initially, you may want to rent a building until you find your feet and make some money, and then you may think that buying premises would suit you better.

Look for a place with good footfall and easy access for pedestrians and drivers – maybe a site with some parking spaces. You want to attract passing shoppers and workers during their lunch hour, so somewhere in a busy street, a shopping mall, or near offices and industrial units would be ideal.

Furnishing and Decor

Now for the fun part – putting your stamp on your very own cafe. Choose decor that looks clean and cozy. Opt for some comfy leather sofas, wooden chairs and tables, and wooden or laminate floors – all of which look classy and clean easily. Paint the walls with warm, comforting shades such as burnished umber and Venetian red. You want customers to feel relaxed and at home. Decorate the walls with some interesting pictures – you could display the works of local artists and offer the pieces for sale.


Once you have created a delicious, appealing menu, you will need to find some suppliers of food and beverages. Look for a reliable private-label food product manufacturer in your area who can supply you with the best quality goods at a reasonable price. They must also be able to deliver your goods in time, in the correct quantity and in perfect condition.


If you are lucky, you will buy or rent a premises with the equipment you need already in situ. If not, you will need to source equipment such as a great coffee machine, refrigerator, freezer, crockery, utensils, oven, small cooking and baking appliances, storage boxes, straws, serviettes, and much more.

When buying expensive equipment such as the coffee maker, you could buy a second-hand unit as long as it is in good working order. Save more money by collecting plates, cups, and utensils from thrift stores. The fact they don’t match will add a quirky element to your cafe.


Once the cafe is set up and ready to go, you will need to hire some staff to assist you in your new venture.

Consider how many staff you need in order to provide the best service. Be careful not to employ too many people as you may have to devote most of your earnings to paying wages. Look for friendly, reliable people who will talk to customers and. Make them feel welcome – nobody wants to frequent a cafe with rude, grumpy staff.

Above all, enjoy your dream. It will show if you love what you do, and customers will flock to your cozy cafe.


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