3 Ways Technology Can Improve your Online Customer Service

Customer service plays a huge role in the satisfaction and return of your customers. However, many online companies have forgotten that having good customer service for an online business is just as important as for a brick and mortar business—maybe even more so. And because many other companies understand this, there are a plenty of different technologies available to help you improve your customer services as well as your overall relationship with your customers or clients.

Caring customer service

To show you how, here are three types of technologies you can use to improve your customer service with online visitors.

Finding Weaknesses with Analytics

Before you can know how to improve, you first need to know where you should be improving. With the help of data analytics tools, you can see exactly where your online customer service is faltering. Greg Ciotti, a contributor to KISSmetrics.com, shares that some of the most common areas analytics can show you where you can improve include response times, resolutions rates and more. Once you have this information at your fingertips, you can begin making the changes necessary to have better customer service for your online customers.

Communicating With Customers with VoIP

Although some people find the anonymity of online business alluring, there will still be times where your customers want or need to speak to a real person in order to sort out an issue or fulfill a need. When this happens, you need to have the technology available to handle this request.

Using a hosted VoIP system can be just the fix you need when you have customers who want to talk to an actual human. According to VoIP-Info.org, Voice Over Internet Protocol is a reliable way to speak to your customers without having to go through a phone company. This technology makes it easy and affordable to communicate with your customers and have a higher rate of customer satisfaction.

Make Purchasing Easy with The Right Software

One of the biggest complaints online shoppers have is complicated purchasing processes. This can severely hinder your ability to have phenomenal customer service or even decent sales numbers. To help with this, ConsumerAffairs.com shares their top billing and invoicing software for 2015 in an attempt to help businesses have a smoother and more customer-friendly online purchasing process. If you’ve had customers frequently expressing frustration with your current purchasing options, consider using one that will make online shopping easier on them by changing to a different software.

The right technology can really help to make your customers so much happier with the service they get from your online business. Use the tips mentioned above to increase your customer’s satisfaction levels by employing the right technology for online success.


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