3 Small Business Ideas Available In The Beauty Industry

Starting a small business can often begin as just a side job for additional income. Many people are looking for some cash on the side and have something they enjoy doing. Jobs in the beauty industry come naturally to many women and are exceedingly enjoyable. With nearly $8 billion being spent each year in the nail industry, it is clear that women enjoy the pampering and gossip that takes place in their favorite salons.

Make up artist

Fortunately, getting started as a small business owner in the cosmetology industry is fairly simple. Included here are a few of the best small business opportunities available in the beauty industry.

Makeup Artist

If there is a glamour job in the beauty industry, it is, without a doubt, makeup artist. The diversity of careers available to makeup artists is vast. You could choose to rent a booth in a local salon and only work a set number of hours per week or only work with independent clients on a more personal level. Additionally, you could choose to be makeup artist to the stars.

Makeup artists are crucial to the success of the television and movie industry and can earn a lucrative amount. You also will be given the opportunity to meet many celebrities and actors while traveling internationally. Of course, making it big can require incredibly polished work, so you will have to build a portfolio to earn your time with the big names. Working as an assistant to an established artist can help you work your way up.

Nail Artist

Many women begin painting their nails while they are in kindergarten. This affinity for feminine looking hands and the relaxation of the salon creates a booming industry. Most women consider manicures an “affordable indulgence” and enjoy their bi-weekly appointments.

Getting into a job as a nail artist can be quite simple. You may have to attend a technical or beauty school for 1-2 years before achieving state licensure. Due to health reasons, most nail techs must be certified. Following this training, you can begin taking care of clients in a salon near you.

Many salons offer the option to rent a booth in their space for a certain number of hours each week. This means you can set-up appointments for your clients during that time, or you can just go in and wait for walk-in customers. You only get paid for the manicures you do, so building up a name for yourself is critical to gaining a loyal following.

Hair Stylist

If there is anything that can change your look overnight, it is a new haircut. People love the ability to alter their appearance with styles, cuts and dyes. Like most other beauty positions, you will need to get state certification after training. You can easily rent a booth for set hours each week in this industry, or treat it as a full-time job within some salons.


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