5 Benefits of Email Marketing for Small and Medium Enterprises

Digital marketing is said to have leveled the playing field between big players and small and medium enterprises. Of the many facets of online marketing, email marketing is by far the most effective, as it yields best conversion rates across the board. The high ROI, scalability and effectiveness of email marketing are just some of the factors that make it nearly indispensable for business growth.

Email marketing

Here are some other key benefits that make email marketing a must-do for small and medium enterprises.

1. You can get maximum results with minimal effort

Just go back in time a little and revisit those days of offline marketing where enormous money, time and effort was required to make your marketing campaign reach out to the targeted customer group. With an effective email marketing techniques, you can do the same in less than two hours and still hope to reach a lot more people than you did with offline campaigns.

Reusable templates and easy-to-use database list queries have simplified the task of email marketing manifold. A little tweaking in the graphics and content, and identifying target customers from the database is all the work you need to do before hitting the send button on your email. That said , you should invest in the best email marketing software you can afford for quicker, more effective results.

2. It brings you the benefit of marketing in real time

As opposed to the old practices of marketing marked by a huge between development and implementation of a marketing campaign, email marketing allows you to get your message across to your audience in real time. You no longer have to wait for a full blown campaign to be designed to get your services and products to reach your consumer base.

Email marketing allows you to send out messages and updates within hours of a new product or service hitting the markets, thereby capturing the attention of your audience at the best time.

3. You can connect with your audience through personalized messages

All other forms of digital marketing follow a one-size-fits-all approach. For instance, the social media updates are designed for a large target customer base and not for a specific individual. This is where email marketing has emerged as a game changer.

Not only reaching a customer’s inbox, you can also use this opportunity to have a one-on-one conversation with them. Sending a birthday or anniversary wish to your regular customers along with a shopping gift voucher or notifying them when their favorite brand launches a new line of products or offers discounts is great way to make a customer feel valued and earn their loyal patronage.

4. Database information can be used for targeted marketing

Over time, you can collect a vast database of users logging on to your website to avail your services or registering with you. This database is a gold mine of opportunity for running extremely specific and targeted marketing campaigns, thereby increasing your sales conversion rate. For instance, if you are an online retailer for books, you can categorize your database on basis of writing genres or authors that certain customers prefer to read, and send them specific emails notifying them about the arrival of a new book in that particular genre or by that particular author.

In all likelihood, a sizeable section of your customer base will respond to such calls to action and make purchases.

5. Reap Benefits of Low Overhead Costs

A single employee can handle an email marketing campaign and finish off the task in matter of hours, this considerably reduces the overhead costs required for running marketing campaigns. You do not need a full blown team of professionals to run and manage the marketing campaigns for you and yet, the results are exponential.

There is no other marketing technique or medium that allows you the benefit of securing greater returns on investment than a well-timed and well-rounded email marketing campaign.


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