4 Ways your Business Needs to be in Contact with Customers

As a business you want to do everything you can in order to stay in contact with your customers. Long gone are the days when the only ways you had to reach out to them, old or new, was through the phone or snail mail. Although many businesses still send catalogs and sales cards through the mail, the best ways to reach more people are more technological these days.

Florist contacts customer

On top of that, many people and businesses are trying to grow greener, which means mailing less catalogs and even supplying email receipts instead of printed ones. Green or not, you may be interested in making sure you are reaching out to your customers, past, present, and future ones, in every way possible.

Through Email

Email was basically the first thing that businesses got out of the invention of the internet. It gave you one more way to get in touch with people. It’s a great way to send letters, coupons, and more. You can also send your customers regular newsletter through email.

Newsletters are an excellent way to contact customers. It’s like a website page and blog all rolled into one, and delivered directly to their email account. Use it to share the latest products or services your company offers, send discounts and sales information, and even links to your well written blog posts. It;s a great way to look professional.

Via Social Media

Social media is the common ground when it comes to internet, for shoppers and for businesses. With so many social media outlets it can take a lot of work to keep up on them all, which is why many companies hire a social media person to deal with it all.

Social media allows you to communicate with the general public not just through words and posts, but also through photos and videos. Many people sue social media to contact businesses, watch for sales, and even check brick and mortar office and business hours.

On The Phone

Phones just aren’t the same these days as the once were. Businesses can save a great dail by going through a VoIP phone service for their work phones. This service works through the internet and allows you to receive calls and check messages even when you’re on a business trip.

Your office isn’t the only place you need a phone. Smartphones keep you in touch wherever you go, and by downloading an app through your VoIP service provider you can have your phone calls forwarded to your cell.

Try Texting

You may think that texting seems kind of impersonal for a business, but you probably thought that about social media once upon a time as well. Text alerts let you let your best customers know about sales and coupons, and those messages can often get to them quicker than an email.

Make sure that you have a system setup that allows your customers to remove themselves from text lists. You don’t want them to feel like they are forced, and some people get big charges from their phone companies that they may not have known about when they signed up.


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